Microsoft Kinect Selling Out Everywhere, or Is It?

Reading around the web, you hear stories of blazing sellouts in some places and overstock creep in others. The standard wash of anecdotal flimsiness, in other words. Microsoft knows precisely what's happening but won't divulge a thing until it deems the moment "market optimal" and issues a press statement titled something like "X million Kinects sold" in such-and-such amount of time. Sony's done much the same with Move, though fudging the crucial distinction between units "shipped" and "sold-through."

In fact Sony fudges a lot of things. The company's PlayStation 3 "can only do everything," which of course it can't.

Take the PlayStation Move. Replace my plastic back scratcher? Maybe next time, Sony.

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KratosGirI2898d ago

And people start PMSing in 3...2...1...

King_of _the_Casuals2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I know in the North East(MA, RI, CT) it is nowhere to be found!! The sales associates kinda laugh at me when I even ask, the "good luck with that one" kinda laugh. Aggghhhh!!! I tried everywhere....even the smaller spots but nothing.

If anyone is within the area....please let me know! =)

divideby02898d ago

area code 12533..

Walmart has them on the floor. We were just there.

There are NO constrained parts of Kinect... MS wants to sell as many as they can.. just because stores get many small shipments and they may temporarily be out.. This is NOT like buying a 360 or PS3 or N64 at launch...
geeez get over it

BubloZX2897d ago

and there's kinect at best buy, the cystal mall, and the gamestop in groton. not sold out

King_of _the_Casuals2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

And i just tried calling that store and they were sold out as well. The number I called was (845) 896-8192

@ BubloZX

AWESOME!!! I'm in Norwich right now visiting one of my clients so I'm gonna go check them out after this! Thanks for the update!!! =)

8-bit2897d ago

I need to take a picture next time am in walmart. There are boxes and boxes of them with no buyers in sight.

divideby02897d ago

^ King, that was the right store... as I said we were just there at lunch time EST and saw them on the shelf.

I should have taken a pix with a date, just to show I was not being a a$$....

Walmart is not know for customer support. I dont believe anything they say over the phone.

BubloZX2897d ago

get outta Norwich! that place is crazy as hell!

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darthv722898d ago

Truth be told it has sold out in several locations. Then in some it has not but come close. Why it is a big deal is really only the stockholders concern.

It becomes more of a generalization or at best an average.

Paradise Lost2898d ago

It's not sold out at all where i live...

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Theodore872898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I live in New Orleans and the closet Target doesn't have any sign of kinect (no store space nor ads) as if it doesn't even exist. The Xbox section has no Kinect games either (duh!). Two BestBuy stores I went to last Sunday have a big pile of kinect each and next to the piles are big Sony TVs with some space for people to try out Move. (no Kinect demo booth)

BUT! the funny thing is, this guy came on to the local News this morning talking about the upcoming Black Friday and listed Kinect as the number one most wanted item for this shopping season and that it was sold out and you would be very lucky to be able to find one. Another MSFT public stunt I believe.

harrisk9542898d ago

stand alone units and bundles...

cochise3132897d ago

yeah in in west palm and the best buy and target has tons of them also, but not moves.

perfectCarbonara2898d ago

Haha, the disagrees. You guys don't even know where he lives how can you disagree with him ?

killer_tornado2897d ago

Why do they need to know where he lives ?? He's interested in Kinect, thsts enough to scare off some fanboys

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gigaware2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Pointless articles. It sells out but Microsoft has ramped up production keeping up with demand easier now. Simple.


LOL at the disagrees.

You disagree as if I made the selling out up myself. The retailers where reporting the status of Kinect not me. Just because they got more doesn't mean demand is less then you are trying to make it out to be.

2898d ago
Biggest2898d ago

I am disagreeing with your strange logic. If it is already sold out, you say that Microsoft has ramped up production to keep up with demand which is why people see so many for sale. Is there a new production process that magically makes the finished product go from the assembly line to the store shelves? Or are you saying that they're being produced, shipped, and stocked in less than an hour? Or are you just saying things because you're saying things?

vhero2897d ago

MS has only shipped out initial shipments so far so stop with the fanboysim gigaware. Making a batch for delivery can't be done overnight to all them stores you know? Especially while they are still launching all around the world.. IDIOT..

Dorwrath2898d ago

It's not going to be sold out in every shop in the entire world. Jeez

Was no different with the PS3 shortages months back. People were saying you couldn't buy any anywhere because of shortages. My walmart had five.

Paradise Lost2898d ago

And All my nearest Electronic stores had no stock of them when there was the ps3 shortage.

sack_boi2898d ago

PS3, "only does real shortages"

gigaware2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Damage control articles. When something sells out you will always be able to find it somewhere. Looking for retailers that might have some or looking for retailers that may have been restocked well isn't proof a product didn't have supply issues. Microsoft upped the forecast from 3 million to 5 million for a reason.

LOL PS3 fanboys in here saying Microsoft was the only party saying it was sold out LMAO The reports were coming from retailers and their websites . LOL

DlocDaBudSmoka2898d ago

only to make kinect seem like its worth a anything.

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