In Their Words: Remembering the Launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System

"Well, the good news is they're going to let us land. You might want to give your seat belt a little extra tug, because we're going to go in a little fast."

A young Howard Phillips -- normally bright, cheerful and enthusiastic -- clung tenaciously to his seat as the plane prepared for a dangerous descent into New Jersey. It was late September of 1985, and if he wasn't busy wondering whether the high winds of Hurricane Gloria might rip his plane apart, he might have had a lot on his mind.

Phillips was the warehouse manager for a moderately successful arcade game distributor called Nintendo of America, then riding on the success of its Donkey Kong franchise. He and 11 of his colleagues were flying in to help unload, set up, display, and with any luck, sell the company's new home console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, despite the fact that the entire home videogame industry was declared dead over a year prior.

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Oner2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I still have my launch day NES with R.O.B. & Gyromite! Article was a great read through.