Kinect Hacked, Open Source Driver Available, Works

SegmentNext - "Microsoft locked Kinect Technology to stop hackers from hacking into the system, and making it available publicly. But, this hasn't stopped Hector Martin, the guy who just hacked Microsoft Kinect and has just made it open source."

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Yi-Long2952d ago

... oh well, still not interested!

Sweeper_2952d ago

You will still have to buy the camera but with an open source driver it will be availible to use on different operating systems making it accesible to more people.It could push more sales

Yi-Long2952d ago

... I just didn't care ;)

I'm not interested in the whole motion-control hype that's now going on, and I doubt I'll be interested in it when I can use it with my PC or a modded/linux PS3...

FragMnTagM2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

and state why I don't want it. You are hilarious Yi-Long. "I have no interest whatsoever, but I am here talking about it."

That is like hating ballet but showing up at a performance to tell everyone how much it sucks and that you don't like it.

Good one.

Hellsvacancy2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Im the sort of mofo that probably would go to a Ballet thing and tell every other sad mofo how much Ballet sucks and theres a million other things u could b doin instead

Bunch of small breasted women hoofin (made up word) around to soppy music, NO THANK U

nycredude2952d ago

What idiot would pay $150 for a camera and hack it to use with you pc when you can buy a pc cam with higher resolution for way cheaper?

AtatakaiSamurai2952d ago

wow, PS3 gets hacked on 4 years and its not even a real proper hack but everyone is laughing about a toaster hacking PS3

but kinect gets hacked in 2weeks and 360 got hacked in 3months with actual pirated games for sell everywhere and same people are like "meh" no big deal.

gamers this gen are crazy

ct032952d ago

Kinect is way more than just a camera, that's why it's interesting for PC use.

Red_Orange_Juice2952d ago

this will bring a lot of cool stuff

Dramscus2952d ago

This is actually going to pave the way for some really neat stuff. I use linux and am going to go buy a kinect for it at some point.
Neat stuff like using your hand as a mouse, or having actual touch like interfaces for the computer. That's only scratching the surface. Open source devs always I repeat ALWAYS make companies like microsoft look like a bunch of fumbling nancys in drag.

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Christopher2952d ago

Kind of dumb... Microsoft has left it open to modification on purpose. It's not like they got through Pentagon firewalls and similar IDP protocols here, Microsoft just left the barn door open.

R2D22952d ago

All this does is save MS money - they are in the PC business first and they would have had to do this anyway.

FrankDrebin2952d ago

This is stupid. Not really hacked. I say this is a fail!

Dasteru2952d ago

@ct03 Actually the hardware aspect of kinect isnt much different from a $30 webcam, in some ways like resolution its not even that good. 95% of kinects functionality comes from the software. If u look at this link,

You will see that even the PS Eye has superior hardware.

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vicious69832952d ago

Will this guy get the $3,000 bounty?

CrzyFooL2952d ago

haha owned. Make mods!! Make that shit work for Halo Wars!!

Godmars2902952d ago

This makes me fell really good about Windows security programs.

Really funny thing is, MS been lobbying for a PC tax for internet security.

kaveti66162952d ago

MS leaves their xbox products open to hacking because it brings them more revenue.

Have you forgotten about the Playstation and the Playstation 2? Why do you think they sold so well?

Godmars2902951d ago

PS1: Sony was in the right place at the right time. Introduced a console at a time when Nintendo was strangling devs with fees as well as limiting them creatively as the user base was maturing.

PS2: Enabling the DVD drive to play DVDs movies out the box when standalone players cost twice as much. Gave a healthy boost to the DVD industry in general and why at one point the PS brand was supporting all of Sony for a while.

If Sega had done the same with the Dreamcast or MS the Xbox1 they probably would have done better.

Dasteru2952d ago

MS wanting money for providing internet security? ROFL That's like the mafia wanting protection money for protection that's not being provided.

jay22952d ago

Fail as usual with anything xbox360!

ct032952d ago

Fail? It's a good thing that open source drivers are making fast progress. It will force Microsoft to supply official drivers more quickly which is good for us.

Godmars2902952d ago

Except, more than likely, if Kinect is a true success they'll likely want to push a different model of Kinect for PCs.

Part of the reason they made it so you need an adapter for old Xboxs. Didn't use a standard USB plug.

Redempteur2952d ago

For the old xboxs controllers you could cut the cord and make teh connection with a standard usb plug and it worked just fine

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