Black Ops Zombies - the First Few Rounds

Paul writes, "Wondering what all the fuss is about with the Zombies mode to Call of Duty: Black Ops? Take a look and see for yourself as head-shots on insane Nazi zombies are performed in the first few rounds of the revamped mode of co-op mayhem. The following video is just a first glimpse into the chaos that will ensue when you jump into Zombies mode, and is being done solo. However, the full limitations of the mode are nearly endless with way more rounds than shown (if you can live long enough to tell about it) and a plethora of weapons as well as up to 4 player co-op."

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dkblackhawk502952d ago

Love how they used that little comic strip. Showed the old maps, good times...good times indeed.

Hitman07692952d ago

That is definitely a cool addition, this is one of my favorite reasons to own Black Ops.

meiamsome2952d ago

If you only buy one game this year, buy black ops!!!

tlogank2952d ago

The game is good, but not the best game of the year...Top 5 MAYBE, if you like FPS.

-Mezzo-2952d ago

Looks awesome, my copy comes to me on 17th, cannot wait.

2952d ago
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