Kinect available now in South Africa, the UK and Europe!

El33tonline writes:

"So, Kinect is finally available around the world, having launched last week in the US, and today in South Africa, the UK and Europe.

After roughly two years of teasing and secrecy, the motion-sensing, voice recognition device formerly known as ‘Project Natal’ has finally found its way into retail, representing Microsoft’s next big hope for dominance over the videogame market, and the company’s attempt to inject an extra bit of life into the aging (but still healthy) Xbox 360.

What’s so different about Kinect, though?

Is it just another add-on that early adopters will buy and discard in one swift motion, or does it have a hope of helping Microsoft achieve a pretty lofty goal of expanding its audience by invading the ‘casual’ gamer market? Will Kinect eventually appeal to the ‘hardcore’ gamer crowd with some or other ‘killer app’ game?

Let’s take a look at the device itself and its promised capabilities to find out."

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