Kudo on Kinect: 'We're extremely confident'

Interview: Creative lead Tsunoda discusses UK launch

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KILLERAPP2989d ago

Kudo is extremely confident that kinect will sell and that is fun, they have hardcore games next year and that they will expand on kinect next year by adding new features over time like Live…

Blacktric2989d ago

Yeah but why all the disagrees? I mean that's what the guy said sure and some of them might not happen but why are you constantly disagreeing the guy without stating a reason? I think Kinect is good for casual players and some families too but its price is the thing that'll prevent it to sell more.

Stuart57562989d ago

Kudo is shit, look at him! He's out of his depth with Kinect, EA Chicago is no more (the place he was boss) and now he is "Creative Director" of BAM - Project Natal, so he's creative then? Look at his clothes and shades, and what's with that cigarette, does he think he's cool, he's made a fool of himself and his product more times at E3 and now he's saying this. Strange person.

8-bit2989d ago

I hate Kudo's face. I would so love to punch it.

Christopher2989d ago

Who isn't saying they're confident in their new product? Sony is still confident in the damn PSPGo, even though that has not been successful.

KILLERAPP2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Wow I just said what he said in the article and I got 19 disagrees like I said something bad…

XsteveJ2989d ago

You said something good about Kinect, and didn't praise the PS3 as the next coming of Christ.

That's why.

TVippy2989d ago

Wow, you got SOME balls.

FACTUAL evidence2989d ago

looks mad scruffy and dirty......besides that, I hope the best for kinect, but it just seems like huge fail in a lot of peoples eyes. Even in the 360 fanboy's eyes kinect is poop.

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Rayz3d6yW0lves2989d ago

Kudo: yes.
Ray360: oh! Good luck to you guys, I look forward to the rage and butthurt your comment and confidence will bring on N4G
Kudo: uh...who?
Ray360: N4G, it's this site where all ps3 fanboys huddle up together and hate no...aaaah forget it, thanx for your time.
Kudo: uhm...yeah ok. I gotta go, my bank would like to borrow money from me out

Parapraxis2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Wow, a 1-bubble champion already! That was fast, congrats.

OT: A pretty boring interview, mostly typical PR mumbo jumbo.
I like this bit though:
Kudo - "So much of this work we did in secret and behind closed doors for the longest time"

Yes, like planning the Milo demonstration and the Cirque de Soleil "live" performance.

Immortal3212989d ago

just admit it, ain't nothing wrong. the ps3 just have more fans, you remember when the ps3 price drop? N4g was under maintenance.

Sweeper_2989d ago

Awesome picture of him there.He looks badass.Cant blame him for being confident

dragon822989d ago

No he doesn't look badass. He looks like a giant douche bag. Anyone who wears sunglasses indoors is an idiot.

Otheros002989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

He was being sarcastic. I agree with both of you. If he is not being sarcastic then I don't agree with him.

Shadow Flare2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

You took the words from my mouth. Sweeper, if you think that pic of him looks badass....geez......

Look at that top he's wearing. Honestly one of the worst tops I have ever seen in my life. He wants to be seen like he's all rock n roll and stuff but he's not.

"Ok, ive gotta make people think im really cool. Hey theres a no smoking sign. Gotta have a cigarette in my mouth when they photo me. Yeah. I'm being rebellious. Damn, that's not rockin enough, better point the cig downwards. Oh yeah, this guy doesnt play by the rules. How else can I look like a douchebag? Oh right, wear sunglasses indoors. And I can't smile. Gotta make people think I'm cool. Yeeeeah. Im so cool."

And then he thinks that wearing a top he stole from a salvation army bargain bin will make him look cool. Geez. Badass wasn't the first word that sprang to mind when I saw that pic

FragMnTagM2989d ago

I have to wear sunglasses inside sometimes and outside nearly every time. I have problems with the cornea in my right eye. If I don't wear sunglasses indoors sometimes, I will get migraine headaches.

I am sure he has some kind of eye condition that has him wearing sunglasses indoors. Not everyone is a douche because they wear sunglasses indoors.

Now if he does it to 'look cool' then yeah he is a douche.

creatchee2989d ago

Kojima sometimes wears sunglasses indoors. Are you calling him a douche bag?

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MetalGearBear 2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

just wonder.... Kudo is hippie or stoner....

Parapraxis2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

He has a condition. He needs to protect his eyes.
(I feel sad for knowing that BTW)

doG_beLIEfs2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It's called Imadouchebagitis....and he is already at stage 3....just look at that ridiculous outfit not to mention the I am such a douche look on his face standing next to the NO smoking sign.

Have fun breathing out of a coffee straw in a few decades douchebag.

Gods MS seems to have an epidemic of Imadouchebagitis with their PR people.

"super fun"
"really awesome"

What are you 12 Mr. stage 3 Imadouchebagitis victim?

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