Viva Pinata TV Show

A television rendition of Rare's 360 game Viva Pinata is to hit Fox's four hour morning block "4Kids".

The first episode will premiere on September 9th and will definitely bolster sales when the game hits this holiday season.

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Chronical5386d ago

This will help 360 Sales

thetruth5386d ago

What.... a bunch of 6 year old kids are gonna convince their parents to buy the 360 for ONE game. Not really. The success of the 360 lies upon the adolescent and young male demographic. That is what the majority of the gaming industry targets save Nintendo.

TheMART5386d ago

Do not underestimate the power of kids and their negotiating skills. If something is in their world, they will drive parents mad to make it happen.

And believe me: parents will even buy the 360 for one game. Afterwards, they will be playing on it themselves also but well.

For real. Why do you think the PS2/Gamecube attach rate of games was 1.9 game per console unit sold average?

Exactly: target group younger. Why'd you think the original XBOX sold 2.4 games attach rate and the 360 sells 4.5 games attach rate average per unit?

Right you get the point, they just have sorted it out real well, people that spend money. With this game, they take a group on another way, by a kid game and going strong with a TV program!

specialguest5386d ago

a couple of days ago, i saw the Viewtiful Joe cartoon on TV. looks exactly like the videogame graphics and it's kinda weird as well.

borgome5386d ago

All I can think about every time I see this title is singing, Viva Las Vegas!, Viva Pinata!

The BS Police5386d ago

I remember hearing in 2002 that there was suppsoed to be a Perfect Dark cartoon series in 2003, but we all know how that one turned out.

ironwolf5386d ago

to the Fox4Kids website. They have it listed and include an ad video.

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