iPlayer on Xbox 360? "There are conversations going on," say Microsoft

Could iPlayer be on its way to the Xbox 360? There's nothing confirmed, but Microsoft's Stephen McGill seems to have dropped a little bit of a hint.

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Shadow Flare2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

And there were conversations going on before. The conversations were essentially:

Microsoft: "We want BBC iPlayer on the Xbox 360 but we want to make it a Gold membership service only"

BBC: "No, we want to make BBC iPlayer free. We can't charge for this since we already get TV License fees from the UK public"

Yet another feature that Sony and nintendo are freely willing to put on their consoles for free, yet Microsoft wants to milk some money out of it

"According to sources close to the BBC’s Future Media and Technology department, a deal between the two parties has still been unable to be reached because Microsoft’s strategy of charging for all content on its Xbox Live platform is incompatible with the BBC’s public service remit."

KILLERAPP2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

If Europe doesn’t have Netflix and those other services that MS says that make Live so worth the 60 dollars, why do they have to pay then???

CREESH2899d ago

The UK have SKY player......TBH the best service available in any country.

Providing you have a subscription.

RedDragan2899d ago

Its not worth it. That is the point.

Anyway, if Microsoft come out and slag off the BBC then they could find themselves up against a very powerful, and ultimately immensely more influencial foe. The BBC can pull the strings around the entire world.

For instance, the BBC has a world wide News venture, and has one of the most popular website on the planet.

Second, the BBC are close friends with some of the other most powerful media outlets on the planet. ABC for instance, they collaborate on alot of projects and the BBC helped ABC on upgrading their equipment recently by consulting them on what tech to use for the HD movement. It saved ABC a heck of a lot and that only strengthened the good will between them.

BBC also collaborate with Discovery Channel, who are owned by Discovery Communications, who in turn have a certain Mr Murdoch as a share holder. He has the controlling stake of News Corp!! As much as Murdoch makes out BBC gets preferential treatement, he was partly responsible for persuading Discovery to team up with BBC to secure US broadcast rights for "Planet Earth", "Blue Planet" and "Wonders of the Solar System". The latter of which is still to be aired in the USA. That is how highly Murdoch actually regards the relationship with BBC and will never sour it!

However, Microsoft at the heart of it are not mugs, they know it would become a PR disaster if they took on the BBC in a slagging match because they couldn't bully them into putting iPlayer on to their Gold Scheme. They know it would be a global PR disaster... BBC, ABC, Discovery Networks link with News Corp... BBC's link with Cannel 5 which is mainland Europes biggest news agency.... Hell, BBC have friendship ties with all of the most influencial news agencies across planet Earth!

Your move Microsoft!!!

r1sh122899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


100% of what said will not happen, yes the BBC has many media links but the would gain nothing from trying to take on Microsoft.

At the end of the day, the BBC is a free TV service for the people in the UK and xbox live can only offer it if Silver members can make use of it too. Simple, the only way I see MS getting out of this and managing to get BBC on board is if they use the servers to store many older TV shows.

Microsoft should target the ITVplayer and maybe 4OD and Channel 5

starbuck2899d ago

BBC isn't free that where your TV licence fee goes thats why BBC aren't allowed to charge for iplayer or show commercials.
Your right they should try for the ITVplayer or 4oD that would be allowed to be charged for but Id guess they would have to scale back on the commercials as people would complain that we'd pay for the player included in a subs and have to sit through commercials.

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KILLERAPP2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


ProjectVulcan2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Microsoft are extremely strict when it comes to xbox live control and the BBC will not expose themselves to public criticism willingly for microsoft's benefit.

Microsoft exercise extremely tight control of their service ruling it with an iron fist. FF14 was supposed to be in talks, but clearly nothing has come of them nor ever will. Microsoft arent going to budge for a big name game they arent likely to budge for a video service and the BBC will not budge as the biggest broadcaster in the world.

Theodore872899d ago

You're saying as if MSFT is doing their best to protect xbox fans from the devils named FF14 and BBC. This imaginary tight control you mentioned is just a sheme to justify the yearly fee of Xbox Live Gold membership.

Carl14122899d ago

I guess they think if they let Silver members use it, it would set a precedent of having stuff for free, which is the absolute last thing MS wants.

zeddy2899d ago

iplayer isnt that great tbh and the main reason no HD! the vid quality is quite bad.

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The Wood2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Just let everybody have it and done. Its so blatantly obvious that MS wants the paying customer to have it as some type of 'look at our extra services' just like last fm, facebook, twitter....They take their customers for fools sometimes. Make them them feel nice for having a free service "integrated"

jack_burt0n2899d ago

"They take their customers for fools sometimes"


The Wood2899d ago


*shush im tryin to be fair here man*

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BDSE2899d ago

ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are also unable to charge for content that is intended for their public service channels (IE ITV1, Channel 4 and Five). If MS want to have their content on its platform it has to be free to view and MS being MS aren't going to be happy with that.

Ahh well, the joys of owning all the platforms! I must say that XBOX Gold subscribers are well and truly over a barrel and 99% of them wouldn't pay if online gaming was free.