Crytek: Crysis can be as big as COD

Activision's Call of Duty is the biggest first-person shooter franchise of all time, and Treyarch's recently released Black Ops is expected to be the biggest game of 2010 – but one developer reckons it can match COD's phenomenal popularity with a FPS series of its own.

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ct032898d ago

Can these cocky idiots just shut up and release their game?

I loved the first Crysis, but all this BS talk is starting to annoy me, especially in the face of Crysis 2 not looking that stellar.

Crazyglues2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

One Example: HAZE -(yeah the so called Halo killer) what a joke..

People Always seem to forget why Call Of Duty is so big, and that's probably the main reason why all these other game companies that think they too will be big, never make it..

You see Call of Duty earned it's spot, like it or not -the reason COD is so big is because of Call of Duty 4

That game, brought things to the table people had never even knew they wanted until they got them... Remember run, remember wanting run in halo and not having it - remember hit detection, and then points for your kills to rank up, remember getting perks to add on to your load-out...

All of this done by COD4 and copied by others, which started all of this, it was the first time gamers had ever seen anything like this. And it was too much fun- it was done really well, with amazing graphics for it's time...

This is why COD's sell like hot cakes because gamers always want that feeling, we want to be blown away and get caught up in our games, to the point were you feel like you can't stop playing...

So when it's good and done right those games fly to the top and then stay there, because everyone loves playing it and then they tell their friends and before you know it everyone starts to wait for them to hit it out the park again...

Just like a singer or music artist who sells millions, if it's real talent they can come back to the table and do it again and again..

You have to earn your spot, and it starts by making a really amazing game..


Downtown boogey2898d ago

You could've saved me from the trouble of reading that long post by instead saying something useless in a more abbreviated form.

Crazyglues2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

So let me see if I get this, so your saying making a good game is not the foundation to having the game be really successful...??? (i guess you really didn't read it, or maybe you did and just didn't get it)

-because maybe you missed the point- I just said it's about bringing something new and different that gamers have never seen before like COD4 did when it first came out.

That's what will make it a great game and sell, not copying what everyone else has done before..

himdeel2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Crysis is a technical masterpiece on PC. When I read off the specs to run that game when it first dropped I was immediately intimidated. I looked at my rig and shook my head. There was NO WAY I could've run the game on the rig I had JUST built. Nevertheless I'd use a wide brush to paint all console gamers to say they just aren't as willing to try new FPS right now.

If it's not an established franchise that's already one strike against you.

If you're game has a heavy MP component I'd argue that's another strike against you. Only because if people friends aren't playing "X" game then they probably won't buy "X" game because they want to play with their friends.

If you hype your game or engine as the bees knees, the cats meow, and the best thing since slice bread you've added another strike against you. If you're game has even the slightest issues with framerate or has flat textures anywhere in game, you're will be crucified by pixel counters as tooting your own horn.

So NO Crysis can not be as big as COD, because games like COD are still around and COD wont let Crysis be as big as COD.

kaveti66162898d ago

It's not a technical masterpiece. Games like Killzone 3 or Gran Turismo 5, which run on 5 year old hardware, are technical masterpieces. Crysis could barely run on high end PCs when it first came out. It looks amazing, but technically, it's very inefficient. The coding is sloppy. To me, an amazing looking game that runs on very little resources is a technical masterpiece.

wwm0nkey2898d ago

If its marketed correctly I believe it will be. When I played the pre-alpha stress test it was the most fun Ive had with a FPS in a LONG time, this and KZ3 should keep me happy with FPS games for awhile :D

Downtown boogey2898d ago

Copying CoD in the MP proportions won't make it as popular as CoD. They need something fresh. Everyone who wants to sell big, do as well. Success requires being a little ahead of the curve, not catching up to it.

wwm0nkey2898d ago

Its not exactly coping, it took the idea of kill streaks but instead its with dog tags, you can only get them buy doing special kills and you have to walk over to get them so its a risk vs rewards kind of thing, they also stay after you die and the streaks you get are good but not super cheap.

INehalemEXI2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I rather see CryENGINE 3 become as widely adopted as UE3.

Downtown boogey2898d ago

There's nothing wrong with UE3... If a game looks bad, blame the goddamn developer!

awiseman2898d ago

COD has a massive established fanbase tha will buy the games no matter what. Crysis has a sizable fanbase also but its on PC and is nowhere near the size and scope of COD. If Cryteck can prove themselves with Crysis 2 on consoles AND PC then their future release in the Crysis universe might be big enough to rival call of duty. But not yet....not yet..

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