Top 5 PlayStation HD Remakes We’d Love To See

Play magazine takes a look at five PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games that should get the hi-def remake treatment.

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big_silky2993d ago

for the love of god, no more of these articles please. everybody and their mother has written and posted one on this site.

DoomeDx2992d ago

I agree.
Though, my mom never wrote an article like this dude !

Red_Orange_Juice2992d ago

my mom's article is pending approval :D

dredgewalker2992d ago

Please don't hate mothers who post on this site. They need to write these articles to feed their children! Think of the children! :P

gillri2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

' The first game didn’t sell. The Wii port didn’t sell. The upcoming DS game probably won’t sell. Despite gamers’ desire for beautiful, innovative, different game experiences, they just don’t appear willing to part with their cash when it comes to Okami.'

very true statement, anyone out there a gamer who hasnt played Okami (one of the greatest games ever) yet?

bananlol2992d ago

I have'nt. But I want to!

Gue12992d ago

Sadly for a game like FFVII with pre-rendered backgrounds can't be made on HD because the backgrounds already have a fixed resolution. So to make it HD Square would need to redraw everything again and that would take a couple of years... But Square could at least make use of some filters to make it look a little better though.

jackwei222992d ago

The Warriors on PS2 was a very good game wouldn't mind seeing that in HD :) probably one of the best games involing gangs in ever made.

dannybohy2992d ago

Make Extreme Games from the PS1! that was awesome game! and Thrill Kill!

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