The PSP is terminal. Pay your respects while you can.

Play-mag: "With around 19 retail releases so far this year, has Sony’s handheld lost its tenuous grip on the market?"

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Rayz3d6yW0lves2901d ago

You guys believed Jack Tretton when he said PSP would get 70 games during this half of the year? Ha ha ha ha.
Sony never lies right?

darthv722900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

if only having 19 retail titles for the psp this year classifies it terminal. What would you classify the ps2...a zombie?

seij5552900d ago

Piracy has killed the platform, hopefully psp2 will be unhackable.

N4Great2900d ago

Just check the numbers, it's selling huge..

every single xfanboy say since 2006 "psp is dead" (they love to fail), but in fact they have sold more than ever, in japan every single monthe ds and psp are the kings..

Noble Spartan2900d ago

CFW = Endless Games , Homebrew , Apps, Emulators. Even though PSP is dead as of now. But for CFW owners this is one ultimate gaming device.

Emulators - Nearly all previous prior PS2 ( Except Dreamcast ) All working with 1000s of games on each emulator.

Apps - Make your PSP do things it can't usually , Pocket PC, Multi tasking comics on PSP and much more...

Homebrew - Some pretty cool homemade games here to play around with.

PSP Games - Well a long list of excellent play.

saint_john_paul_ii2900d ago

i might do homebrew on my PSP when the PSP2 eventually releases. till then, i'll just stay legal

baker_boi2900d ago

Yeah this is true if you totally ignore japanese releases, which I don't.

PSP has NEVER had many game release coming out in the U.S. Japan is a whoooole different story.

Which is basically what my library is made up off. And games that make it to America no body but the small group of people that follow them care about.

So yeah, the PSP is "dead" alright. So, dead it's still at the top of charts in Japan almost every week.

ReservoirDog3162900d ago

Pfff, I'm still not finished with Kingdom Hearts BBS. Seriously, the gameplay is perfect in it. I loved KH1 but I think this is better than it.

In the end though, the PSP is far from dead for me. I still haven't even played Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Resistance: Retribution and MGS PW!

hatchimatchi2900d ago

Resistance Retribution is awesome, it easily has the best story so far within the resistance universe. The lead character is so much better than nathan hale, he actually talks, shows character growth and has a likable personality. You definitely gotta play it.

PS360fanboy2900d ago

Goodbye PSP, I'll miss you and all those memorable games I played on you... like Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day. Some of the best games ever.

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awiseman2901d ago

but yea psp is breathing its last breaths, got a kik with GOW a while bak but even Kratos cant save it now.

Craptain_Steel2900d ago

Every good thing has an ending.

ReservoirDog3162900d ago

Haha, unless I'm reading it wrong, I don't think those 2 agrees actually understood what you said.

Knghtz2900d ago

Haha, well played Weaksauce.

I laughed...

gillri2900d ago

I did pay my respects, with a brilliant play-through of GOW : Ghost of Sparta, awesome game

but that was the last game I was bothered about for the PSP, I got it up on ebay for sale now

Kurisu2900d ago

The only reason I still own a PSP is for Final Fantasy Agito XIII. It wouldn't surprise me if it's scrapped for PSP and releases on 3DS instead though...

hatchimatchi2900d ago

don't forget 3rd birthday

Christopher2900d ago

Honestly, other than the latest GoW game, I've only used my PSP in the last 3-4 months for comic book viewing. It really is an abandoned format. Easily pirated and consisting of a design that costs more than just putting out a game on the DS, which dominates the market as it is.

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