360 Magazine - Kinect Needs Too Much Space

360 Magazine: Why am I upset? I’m upset because I have discovered that I cannot use Kinect. My lounge is just too small.

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whateva2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

without that much space.

AK462897d ago

Maybe they want to play a game that they have to use their whole body instead of standing in one place punching blocks.

whateva2897d ago

it can see my feet I been playing Dance Central in this same room. but I'm not posting a video of me dancing lol.

but I have a video of my cousins dancing in my living room the boy is 6'4 and he is able to play with no trouble , the girl 5'10

Biggest2897d ago

A: Where in those videos do you show the limited amount of room you have to play in?

B: HOLY CRAP! It is EXACTLY like EyeToy.

JokesOnYou2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I was playing kinect sports before I got Black Ops yesterday, I dont have a large place and I didn't have a problem with space at all. I mean seriously if your place is too small for 6ft then I'm sorry dont buy kinect, you should have much bigger short term goals, like I don't know moving out of the basement or tiny flat into a apartment with a nice kitchen. lol

The Wood2897d ago

is that a picture of you posing ...behind you to your right in the video

jimmins2897d ago

Yeah, you look fine playing it dude, but it can't see your feet. Try Dance Central.

CaptainMarvelQ82897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

want to see his feet?

TheBlackSmoke2897d ago

His point is, dance central needs to see your whole body in order to recognize body gestures. If your 5"10 or above your basically screwed unless you can get at least 8ft away from the screen, which is ridiculous.

Any moves that require specific footwork will fail as does moves with arms up in the air, like fist pumps unless you can back off enough to frame your self and the excess space.

Christopher2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I don't think people understand how small of a space one can have in flats in most areas in the UK.

Also, whateva, there's no way to tell how much space you have there and you're not playing a game that requires a lot of movement from side to side and up and down.

And, finally, whateva, never ever ever have a fighting position where your arms and fists are directly in front of you. I know it's just for the exercise routine, but always go for a fighting stance with your arms more to the side and your body turned slightly to allow for fluid movement in all directions. I think if you were doing a real kenpo workout, like from p90x, you would be finding yourself lacking a lot of the necessary room to perform the combos w/Kinect. But, this one just requires lazily throwing your arms about randomly and no body or major leg movement.

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tudors2897d ago

seriously I don't have a big house but moving my couch a few feet does not bother me, besides people are just looking for reasons to pull the tec down, Sony MS and nintendo have to accept they are sharing the market, none of these companies are going anywhere anytime soon.

JacobIsHollywood2897d ago

"...but moving my couch a few feet does not bother me."

Every. Single. Time. You. Play. A. Game?!?

tudors2897d ago

Yes. People in third world countries walk miles just for clean water, and the women carry it in large jugs on their heads, so you mean to tell me I can't move my couch a couple of feet?

TheBlackSmoke2897d ago

Yes let's re-arrange the living room every time we want to play slap the balls HD.

For a device that's supposed to remove the complexity of a control, there's a shit tonne of self imposed rules you have to follow in order to make the thing work efficiently.

tudors2897d ago

If it was the WII or Move I would still move it, you need space anyway for that kind of stuff, you are just fishing for reasons not to reccomend the product.

jimmins2897d ago

What if your couch is already against the back wall. I go with an earlier comment here. Americans will always underestimate how much less space we generally have here in the UK.

AceofStaves2897d ago

I can see the space issue being significant in Asia as well.

2897d ago
Redempteur2897d ago

you're the exception.

in my gaming room ( the room were i play my games ) or just my living room ..i don't have this much space

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JacobIsHollywood2897d ago

I literally don't have a single room in my house I could play this in.

2897d ago
Anon19742897d ago

Not without moving some article of furniture every single time I want to play a game.

jack_burt0n2897d ago

If anyone has the right to complain its the editor of a xbox360 magazine.

So funny that he has to state that before he gets death threats from the braindead lol.

PR0X12897d ago

I live in a big ass house and have no problems at all.

You niccas be poor as fuck living in a dog shed lmfao.

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