Sniping Still Too Easy in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Ve3tro writes: "We’ve been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops for nearly a week now and the one big change which caused a lot of attention in the multiplayer was the removal of quick-scoping. Now we don’t quick-scope but it has caused quite an outrage in the community.

We decided to take Black Ops for a little run and see if it’s much different to Modern Warfare 2 and the other few previous Call of Duty titles in terms of sniping. To our surprise we didn’t find it that hard to take people down with a standard scoped sniper rifle, we found that we never had to hold our breaths for a long period of time before getting a kill.

The quick pop n’shot scoping has gone but it’s still very much quick to do so. All three videos have been recorded after Treyarch released the patch to stop quick-scoping."

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DigitalAnalog2897d ago

You can shoot any part of the body and they die? This game is just too cheap.

-End statement

sensor212897d ago

COD series are sandbox maps not big enough for sniping beacause maps are too small the bullet wont have to drop because its not going far at the same time that close that high caliber weapon u would lose a limb if shot Battlefield bad company 2 has maps that sniping should not be used but it does however have some of those maps cover 1 mile in between bases where sniping is put to the test and rewarded different games but thats what we are here 4 to game right

-Alpha2897d ago

It's not "cheap" and it's not one hit anywhere= kill.

Sniping is a lot more difficult because you actually have to stay scoped for a good second or two, meaning you CANNOT play in the frontlines with it.

im-12-years-old2897d ago

The sniping looks fine to me...No more quick scoping they actually have to take a sec to aim

People will complain about anything

lucifon2897d ago

Theres a ton of people complaining it's been nerfed too far, theres also barely any maps that are designed around play which involves sniping.

TOO PAWNED2897d ago

It is good because sniper can make game unplayable, just go and play Medal of Honor, its ridiculous. Game is garbage on so many levels, from levels to sniper spamming.
BO had incredible maps from what i saw so far.

StanLee2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

How is that good? What's the point of having sniper rifles in the game if anyone using the weapon is at a distinct disadvantage? Call of Duty map were never made for sniping. I'm finding some success playing the edges of large maps, with Ghost, Scout and Ninja. The motion sensor is a life saver as is the CZ75 with the full auto attachment. I play the sniper as a support role and defend flags in CTF and Domination. Sometimes I swap out Ghost for Hardline and run the Spy Plane, Blackbird, Huey killstreak setup and get to my large killstreak pretty easily; once every 2 games playing the sniper class. I never used stopping power to snipe in previous Call of Duty games so I haven't found much difficulty with the L96. It's a 1 hit kill from the chest up.

2897d ago
user83971442897d ago

You can still quick scope in black ops. I did it even thoughr i wasnt even trying to do it. Also the sniper rifles are sorry as hell. I hate sniping in black ops.

DORMIN2897d ago

Yeah I hope they tweak this a little bit. I'm receiving my copy of the game in a few days.

It sort of looks like the SR is overpowered? Mostly 1 hit kills, i'll judge this for myself when I get to play it.

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