More Call of Duty Black Ops Price Gouging

AOTF: Ok, so like the other 10 million people out there that waited patiently for Activision/Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops, I looked forward to the smorgasbord of content that a Call of Duty game provides. The excellent campaigns (usually), the beefy multiplayer, and in the case of Treyarch's recent entries, the Zombies mode. I would consider myself to be a loyalist when it comes to Call of Duty. Year in and year out since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I have bought the game plus all expansion packs that are released. Today was the day when the lightbulb went off in my head that enough is enough. Sure, when Infinity Ward released a rehashed map pack that included maps from a previously released game I was ok with that. It was fun to play the old maps with the new Killstreak perks and ever so slight improvements to the gameplay. But today, when I sat down to play to play Zombies with friends that had bought the "Hardened Edition" of Black Ops.

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kenlawson2993d ago

I knew better than to think it would work. Do you think Kotick would pass up an opportunity to make more money? Would a fat kid pass up on Snickers bar?

FanboyAttack2993d ago

:) No but still this is the kind of thing that is wrong with gaming right now. Like I said, yes I understand that they need to make money. And yes, I also understand that some programming and work needed to be done to make these games work with Black Ops. It's just a real letdown when you buy something then the developers and publishers expect you buy the exact same thing again to play with your friends. Dumb.

Excalibur2991d ago

your light bulb finally kicked on.
And please don't take that as a slam as it was not intended to be.
We all speak with our wallets and as long as folks keep lining up in a bent over line, they will keep sticking it to us.
I passed on both pieces of MW2 DLC and if they start that stupid crap with BO then I'll pass on that as well.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I like the black ops maps, but am i the only one that prefers the MW2 maps, MW2 would have been so good if it had black ops gameplay with MW2 maps and of course without all the glitches and bugs.

I mostly play Ground War, and most of the maps are so dull and gritty. the only maps i really like are launch, cracked and havana.

i havn't played any other game modes yet but are there better maps?

itsralf2991d ago

Black Ops maps are much better than MW2, in my opinion. The maps are so much bigger. There are less places to camp, better spawn points, more corridors and open rooms... I'm really satisfied with Treyarch. They just need to sort out the lag issue on PS3. It's not a huge deal, I'm still having fun. But I've been the victim of a few cheap kills because of it.

kenlawson2991d ago

I think its a matter of preference. I didnt like MW2 that much but I love Black Ops. Just feels like a more balanced game in general.

Simco8762991d ago

Welcome to the gaming world of 2000s.

Boy I miss the 90s

Urmomlol2991d ago

Why does AOTF even complain about this stuff? They got busted pirating games so they could review them early --they don't even buy games.

kenlawson2991d ago

I know these guys IRL and I think you are making crap up. If you don't agree with them that's one thing but calling them pirates is pretty lowball. Stay Classy.

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