El33t Question of the Week: Buying Games – How do you decide?

El33tonline writes:

"The end of the year is generally a rough time for all kinds of reasons, but for gamers, the last few months of the calendar are traditionally the worst time of the year, not because there’s nothing to do, but because there’s too much.

Just in the last two months, we’ve seen the release of:

UFC Undisputed 2010, Halo: Reach, the PlayStation Move Motion Controller (and all of that peripheral’s games!), Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Dead Rising 2, F1 2010, FIFA 11, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, Medal of Honor, Super Scribblenauts, DJ Hero 2, EA Sports MMA, Fallout: New Vegas, Vanquish…

That’s not even mentioning all the amazing downloadable titles available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network!"

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v0rt3x2904d ago

good question, I was at Gamestop today and simply couldn't decide - so I left empty handed.

jeeves862903d ago

How do you decide on anything? Which game do you want the most? Which game can you afford? Which game has better reviews? Which purchase could you live with even if it didn't meet all of your expectations?

firefoxprime2903d ago

By the time I walk into gamestop, I "already" know which game I want to purchase.

Simple really.

So I got a ps2 slim bundle back in 2006. Its now 2010.
Clearly there were many great games that were released pre-2006. So I researched some ps2 gems on the web. Just follow these guidelines:

1. Genre: Doesnt make sense to choose a game without knowing what type of game your gonna play.

a. 3rd person shooter
b. Hack'n Slash RPG
c. Mecha Fighter
d. Sandbox Action/Adventure

2. Research Titles: Perferably Gamespots genres or Gamefaqs lists, are both solid websites to choose from.

a. James Bond:Everything or Nothing
b. Rogue Galaxy
c. Zone.Of.Enders 2
d. Ultimate Spiderman

3. Gameplay: So you've found your titles. Awesome. But now you need to see if the game looks good. Also if its fun to play. Simply just watch gameplay videos on youtube. Great way for uploaders to strut their skills, because the worst gameplay you can ever watch is when watchin some sucking while playing a game. Completely unappealing.

4. Reviews: Normally I personally read user reviews on gamefaqs. I always read the lowest rated reviews first. Why? Because those negative reviewers cut right to the meat of the games' weaknesses. Positive reviews are good(sometimes baised) as well some balance'em out.

5. Lastly Price/Location: I simply google the title I desire and check out google shopping. Or...just type said title in gamestop and see if your game is there. Then simply enter your zip code to find the nearest gamestop,walmart,bestbuy, target etc.

So there you have it. Thats how I buy my video games. Hope I was able to help you guys out. :P