Some Call of Duty: Black Ops buyers got screwed by Activision

Gamersmint: Way to give purchasers a “unpleasant” surprise right there!
As you can see in the picture (sent by Martin) above, the card which comes with the Hardened Edition of the game doesn’t include the DLC download codes for Avatar and Zombie map packs and only has a blank space!

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psb2901d ago

fuck-up, I hope Activision sends them the codes since it's worth quiet a bit online.

cyborg2901d ago

some guys are selling it for a lot, like this one

RedDragan2901d ago

With that company it is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$

DigitalAnalog2901d ago

I see Activision has finally rubbed their effect on these loyal followers.

-End statement

prongs1232901d ago

"Is this a genuine fuck up on Treyarch and Activision’s part or do we actually need to read this card in moonlight or on a particular day for words to appear magically?"


rekof2901d ago

They are not holding it right,..

yeracnivek712901d ago

....serves 'em right for supporting the evil Kotick & Co.

I took home a copy from work tonight (GameStop), and will return it Saturday when I work next. Activision will NEVER see a penny from me.

treacherous_gamer2901d ago

You do know you can Photoshop the codes out and just post the image to get hits?

Leafhopper2901d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.