Gamespot reviews Lair and gives it a 4.5

You shouldn't play Lair. Not unless you have some morbid interest in experiencing what is quite possibly one of the worst control schemes ever devised. It's a shame because as a cinematic experience, it's stunning to watch. As a game, it's a nightmare and an embarrassment. It sounds like a fantastic idea: You fly around on a dragon, spewing fire and clawing at other reptiles while generally wreaking havoc. Too bad you're forced to use Sixaxis controls that destroy the possibility of fun and replace it with the constant need to scream expletives at your television screen

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toughNAME4067d ago

kick him while hes down

stunt2134067d ago

i know lair is a bad game but i think the way gamespot review games are by waiting for ign to review it first then give it a lower score i mean ign reviewed lair first and gave 4.9, is it just me or u guys feel that way too?

bioshock: ign = 9.7, gamespot = 9
lair: ign = 4.9, gamespot = 4.5
warhawk: ign = 8.8, gamespot = 8.5

* ign reviewed all the game before gamespot

nasim4067d ago

once u are accustomed with the controls

i am playing it right now.

GS commended all aspects of LAIR except the controls

NOW F5 should add analog controls to LAIR.

BTW controls alone cannot make a game go from 10 to 4.5

No gamers are having probs with the control though and everyone seemed to have liked the controls

Wii60_FTW4067d ago



CaptainMeatwad4066d ago

You do understand that "shattering the PS3's coffin" would technically be a good thing, assuming it was already in one, right? I think what you meant to say was to "put the final nail in the PS3's coffin" like all your friends say.

It's ok, you'll get it right some day.

frostbite064066d ago

Gamespot just reviews games harder. Its been that way for a long time. They've done it for the halos and the GTA series


LMAO !!! Hey nasim, your game SUCKS !!!

"You shouldn't play Lair. Not unless you have some morbid interest in experiencing what is quite possibly one of the worst control schemes ever devised."

Evil0Angel4066d ago

i will buy such game,to show what my system capable of, but the problem the price of the games gone is no more 20-30£ it is 40£ and stronghold/HS/warhawak everyone of em deserve the 40£ mor than this one.
this game cold break the recored for RENTed games.

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ngg123454067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

is the game sucks. Nothing else anymore, egm isn't bias, 1up isn't bias, or anyone else. It jjust sucks.

MarioFromTexas4067d ago

and every where you go people say they like it. The whole reveiw was spent on him telling us on how he sucked at the six axis control. I have played games that got 7.5 because of controls that the reveiwers didn't like but I got the hang of it and never thought while playing anything wrong with it. Lair is a hit or miss, especially with PC FPS gamer backgrounds like most reveiwers now. I'm not saying lair is 9/10 but giving a 4.9 because of a control scheme is not very professional and will only lead to developers creating the same game over and over and not trying anything new. Look you have halo the same game coming out every 3 years. I like Sony because there is different types of games and you can always experiance something new and not just rehashs. Hate all you want but games are made to be played even if it's a 4.9, it might be a 10 for you

chanto234067d ago

the game is actually good, im enjoying it a lot, the graphics are out of this world, its like playing a movie, the thing with the controls is that they have a super steep learning curve, its actually challenging to control that damn dragon LOL...why they reviewed the game so low its unknown but the game is actually fun, frustrating but fun...but Ninja Gaiden is also frustrating isnt??

AngryHippo4067d ago low the scores are for this or how many bad reviews it gets, people will always believe thats it is a AAA title.

HateBoy4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Well obviously u think its great, im guessing ur pretty much hardcore fanboys, how could it not be good? As it is right now I'm thankin Amazon UK for not letting me buy that shiat for 14 £, GS have in my opinion never been wrong and I pretty much base my decision on what they say as our opinions seem to be quite compatible.
Oh Yeah, ninja gaiden can be frustrating, but because its hard to kill difficult and intelligent enemies, not cause the controls suck ass. Dont compare a masterpiece to apparent crap.

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DrWan4067d ago

damn, but warhawks control so well, ppl looking to make flight sims have to talk to Incognito!

CrazzyMan4067d ago

just read a preview on kotaku -
game is great. =)

And instead of crashing into the occasional turret, your dragon will sharply cut around objects to save us from potentially tedious gameplay. The effect isn't some cheap way of making the game easier (well, maybe to some extent), but a logical extension of flying on a living being with self-preservation.

TheSadTruth4067d ago

or maybe because you are slow in the head?

Kotaku only played the demo, if you actually read some of the reviews of Lair they would specifically state that you realize about 5 levels into the game how bad the system is, and not the first two levels.

theaceh4067d ago

Lair's control system is like learning how to ride a bike. If you quit just because you fell once or twice you will never learn and have fun.
Once you get the hang of it, the game is nothing but awesome.

But of course, most gamers in this site behave like microphones. They just echo what other people say without even trying things themselves.

TheSadTruth4067d ago

you are right, these sites filled with reviewers who play games more than most games because it's their JOB must have no clue how good of a game Lair is despite playing games for a fuc*ing living

did it occur to you they have to play every playstation 3 title that is put on the market and probably have some idea how to use the controller?

I'm trying to be nice here but your idiocy wants me to verbally punish you

MarioFromTexas4067d ago

I guess you only play games that got rank 10/10....Just like you have preference this reveiwer have preference as well. Most of these reveiwer come from PC background and now there reviewing console games. Haven't you notice how high score have been for FPS lately and 3rd person scores are lower. I'm not saying their bias but if I was rating a game I'll score a 3rd person action/adventure game higher than a FPS. Controls scheme is how you know what kind of gamer is doing the reveiw.

theaceh4067d ago

I was refering to some of the people that visit and post comments on this site, not the people that reviewed the game. The guy that reviewed this game is entitled to his opinion, but what really f***ing pisses me off is when I read a post about some 'gamer' starts behaving like he is part of the BORG race from Star Trek by always borrowing other people's opions about things.

EZCheez4067d ago

Free and independant thought (no borg here)

The reason you see so many of us gamers say the same thing is because it is the same problem. I picked this game up within an hour (literally) of it's release and rushed home to play it. After the first few levels, I was pretty confident in my purchase and was glad to have picked up the game. Somewhere in the next few levels though the game just fell apart and I got pretty frustrated. I was as forgiving as I could be, but the controls rob this game of the greatness it could have achieved. I love everything about this game, but the controls are enough to ruin it from me. And this is from a PS3 fanboy.

Besides, you can't log on to a site like this, read comments, and not expect to read peoples' opinions about games. That's the purpose of this site.

I have gotten almost nothing but persecution so far for saying these controls are flawed, but I can't for the life of me understand how anyone who has played this game and made it at least halfway through can argue about how bad they can be at times.

Sorry to interrupt the argument. Just wanted you to know that we haven't all been captured by the borg.

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xg-ei8ht4067d ago

some ppl just cant control sh^t
But i still think they should release a patch that enables analogue.