Gamespot: Call of Duty Black Ops Review

Gamespot Writes: "When a franchise consistently delivers massively popular, high-quality games, each new entry in the series comes laden with expectation. Call of Duty: Black Ops has some big shoes to fill, but it does so admirably."

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Bolts2927d ago

...more of the same. But on the bright side it isn't the steaming turd like MW 2 that IWD crapped out before they got ejected from Activision. The game feels a lot more balanced now, well at least on day one.

awiseman2927d ago

Im saving up for Crysis 2. And then Il pick up Black ops after price drop.

Trunkz Jr2927d ago

I didn't get MW2 (yes I'm one of the people canceled my pre-order) and figured this would be a step up from WaW - which it is. Nice customization and stuff, but thats about all :S

This STILL feels like CoD4 only a slight change in it, no big step-up. This has become the Smackdown Vs RAW of FPS games now. I hope Sludgehammer or whatever can create a new engine and make something new out of this series, but why would they? Their getting 9.0 scores each year and if people will continue eat what they put out each year then why make any drastic changes?

So all in all, Black ops is great, but after the 4th installment I'm personally getting tired of paying $60 for a new coat of paint with a few extras. Unless they do something very new to this series (and I don't mean 2142 future stuff) I won't be getting anymore CoD's.

NnT32912927d ago

I hear the next COD will be in outer space, and made by Dead Space's maker. Dun know if it's true

Panthers2927d ago

Dead Space is made by EA, so that is pretty impossible.

zaz122927d ago

but he moved to activition

Rich16312927d ago

Yeah he means Glen A. Schofield who was the head of EA Redwood shores and the creator of Dead Space. Redwood Shores changed their name to Visceral Games now. Anyway, Schofield and some other lead guys left EA, joined Activision, and formed Sledgehammer Games who are making the next Call of Duty game which is rumored to be set in the future.

Panthers2927d ago

I havent had a COD since COD4, so it is fresh to me. I still think that the first MW was better, but this game is really fun so far. I am starting to get that addiction feeling though lol. Its making me not want to go into work.

For what it is ( a respawn fragfest catering to noobs ) COD BO is an amazing and fun game. But for my hardcore needs, I will stick with SOCOM.

-IronMan-2927d ago

Sorry but no. I would score it 7.5/10 too many bugs and glitches etc..

Trunkz Jr2927d ago

Whats funny is that when it's other games, they deduct score for bugs and glitches, but in CoD they get ignored.....

Der_Kommandant2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

cough Fallout New Vegas cough

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