Video: Black Ops Wii vs. PC (lowest) comparison

How well did Treyarch do porting the Black Ops experience over to the Wii? Check out the video below to see for yourself how it stacks up against the PC version on the lowest settings.

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Shok2952d ago

Lol, I've never seen a Wii/PC comparison before.

dannybohy2952d ago

ive never seen anything so completely pointless in my whole entire life!!!! Please sack this person!

fdupdon2952d ago

Far from pointless, it's supposed to show how well they did with the Wii port. It really holds up quite well.

dannybohy2952d ago

who cares! the Wii version is for Girls and under 12s to play anyways. not like they are going to decide to play a PC version instead!...pointless article.

EvilTwin2951d ago

The comments I've read on Wii's Black Ops is that the first level is a quasi-graphical train wreck, but it gets better from there on out. Check this out, and skip to the 3:40 mark:

I'm honestly pretty impressed. Which isn't saying much, as I'm easily impressed and distracted by shiny objects, but still.