Call of Duty: Black Ops: Not-so-modern warfare

CNet: "Somewhere between the Greatest Generation and Generation X lies a vast expanse of American history. Though World War II is safely enough in the past to explore freely, and our current war on terror close enough to inspire (occasionally uncomfortable) ripped-from-the-headlines games (and plenty of movies, books, and television), that great middle section has been largely unexplored by interactive entertainment--until now."

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gtamike2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

But it's a game modded from the base of modern warfare lol

EYEamNUMBER12900d ago

my brother bought this game and i honestly fail to see what the appeal is its really not than different from MW2 at all

excluding the story (which very few people care about) and zombies its pretty much just mw2 with different maps
so i honestly don't get why everyone goes nuts over this game?

qface642900d ago

zombies is actually better than i thought but even with zombies i wouldn't say it was worth the money i spent on the game for me at least

feels like an expansion to MW2 to me
that's just me though

thehitman2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

its the 1 game that comes out a year that every1 knows their friends will buy and be on it and have fun together. Has nothing really to do with how good it is but how popular it has become. CoD4 is probably the best that will come out this gen was really a great game the others are just rehashes to keep the fun alive.

Nathaniel_Drake2900d ago

online splitscreen mulitplayer, that's why we are getting it. I did hear it was a more balanced game

tgoon842900d ago

Not even close to modern warfare . Big dissapointment cuz they got no special op modes . No fun after u beat it . Zombies ? Ha

Spydiggity2900d ago

i don't really agree that MW is better, but i do think a ton of people will switch back in the next few weeks.

Dave13512900d ago

lol i cant believe their was a world war 2 level! (i know it fit in with the storyline).But i knew treyarch couldn't make a video game without ww2 in it!

tony67672900d ago

not so mw? haha lol nice joke its more like mw2.5 with more features not so mw my ass!

Dave13512899d ago

actually its like world at war 2