Microsoft Suing Motorola Over Xbox 360 Tech

Not everything inside the Xbox 360 was designed by Microsoft; the console's wi-fi capabilities (hold the jokes) and some of its video codecs are licensed from Motorola. And are now the subject of a court battle between the two companies.

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RememberThe3572903d ago

Motorola can suck it! You don't break your pinky-swears and get away with it!

BeOneWithTheGun2903d ago

Best part was a comment left on the site....

"The people who brought you complete pay to play online, the price increase to pay to play online, and overpriced proprietary hard drives and wi fi adapters are mad because someone is charging them too much for something."

RememberThe3572903d ago

Oh, the irony. We should all go to court and see if they'll decide a more reasonable price for all the things we buy too. We all know how the U.S. courts love us consumers.


But in reality if Motorola and Microsoft had a deal and Motorola charged more for it then they agreed then I guess MS has a case.

Rush2903d ago

sigh... Everyone is suing everyone lately to many companies are being patent trolls in the modern world.

I honestly believe massive companies like Microsoft and Apple sometimes need to suck it up and stop behaving like a whiny little bitch.

Am not saying Microsoft started this as like I already said everyone is suing everyone, but someone needs to suck it up and stop continuing this circle of retardity.

RedDragan2903d ago

I don't think Microsoft has a case to be honest, the Wifi they are getting from Motorola appears to have added capabilities over what is offered on their Mobile Phones.

The streaming of AVC for instance.

Also, Motorola didn't change the price. The article clearly states Microsoft think they are getting shafted and want to the courts to now change a contract that they happily signed in the first place.

That is like me going to court and asking the Judge to force Vodafone to charge me less on my mobile contract!!!

This is bully tactics.

Redrum0592903d ago

now MS knows what it feels like.
it doesnt feel so good, does it?

Active Reload2903d ago

Its the only console with Wireless N. That is funny though...

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dragunrising2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

What I thought was funny...and ironic, was that Kotaku had Droid 2 ads featured on the web page of the article. LOL

On topic: Regardless of how people feel about online fees, its important to realize that contracts and royalties are what influence the price of the console itself.

OmarsAccount2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Seems like Motorola pulled a dastardly deed on Microsoft.

-Cue my dramatic voice-
How will the fate end for these two companies!
How could Motorola do something like this!
Why am I even talking like this?!

Everything will be answered in the next episode of!...
Micro$oft: A Fanboy Love Hate Story
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Sorry, its been a slow day for me.

Craptain_Steel2903d ago

This topic is about a court ruling, not about trying to troll or bragging about sales.

Moentjers2903d ago

your bubbles are dropping faster than the Niagara waterfalls...

BrianC62342903d ago

Here we go again. Microsoft is trying to get cheaper prices than they agreed to. They did this with the Xbox too. They decide they don't like the prices they're paying so they want a do over. Motorola should cancel their deal and tell Microsoft to go somewhere else.

Newtype2903d ago

It's why they chose ATi for their GPU instead of nVidia. Original Xbox had nVidia.

MorganX2903d ago

Probably because it's somewhat indirect based on the article. Motorola breached it's agreement with "standards organizations"

And to prove the charges excessive, it probably took time to gather information on what Moto was charging others maybe?

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