GT5: Final Difference between Standard vs Premium Cars and a new RAIN gameplay video

Have you heard of the division of cars in Gran Turismo 5, Standard vs Premium, whats that?, well here you can see the difference between them in the retail version of GT5, and you can always treat your eyes with some new RAIN gameplay in Eiger Nordwand and an extense menu display of the GT5.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )


1080p + 60FPS + G25 + 3D + 16 Players online + Head Tracking with PS Eye + Rain at night with my Zonda R 09 and listening my favorite song in the Background = CANT WAIT !!!!

Already Pre ordered this Masterpiece.

Can't wait!

I need a surround system also.

Cevapi882901d ago

you can completely remove the HUD...that looked amazing

nix2901d ago

too bad they don't have the 'cruise' mode... i would love to just drive around in the rain.. look outside at the landscape.. ah... maybe i'll make one myself.. the longest track ever.. which will take me 30 mins per lap.. he he and just drive around in the car of my choice.

Ambivalent_2901d ago

It was obviously replay footage.

RememberThe3572901d ago

I'm sure the test track with let you practice rain driving.

GMWPS32901d ago

However, I'm also very impressed that the car seems to have rain sensing wipers like in real life as the wiper switches off when he enters the tunnel!!!

clank5432901d ago

No, that was definitely in game. In replay, you would be seeing it from all different angles. At least, thats how it was in GT 3, 4, and 5 prologue.

Morpheuzpr2901d ago

wrong, during replay you can switch cinematic view with any of the gameplay views and add hud or live it without it.

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GT5 have also the feature to upload Videos on Youtube. I don't know why that guy don't use that feature.

NoOoB1012901d ago

Probably because the servers are not up yet.

RedDead2901d ago

Since it's been leaked, does ANYONE know where I can see a premium car crash yet?

Morpheuzpr2901d ago

what is ppls obsession with damage FFS.

RedDead2900d ago

I just wanted to see, I have been hearing it'll be extremely realistic, its not a all though/

jack_burt0n2901d ago

the physics of the raindrops as you turn a

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mike90772901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

so do some of these standard cars have cockpit views cuz in this video theres no way it could be a premium and yet theres a cockpit view?

o and heres the guy's channel if any of you wanna check it for new vids from time to time

ajcastillo2901d ago

Which car are you talking about the mazda roadster? or the suzuki swift or the toyota voltz? because the mazda roadster is premium as well as the suzuki swift, but the toyota voltz is not.

mike90772901d ago

o okay so the mazada is a premium then? idk y i only thought the premiums were like the ferrari and the nascar cars and so forth

ajcastillo2901d ago

Hey Mike if you wanna check part of the list of confirmed PREMIUM cars of GRAN TURISMO 5, you can see my story that i put a week ago i think:

claney2901d ago

Standard cars have a cockpit view I'm pretty sure, its just that the premium cars have real world cockpit views and not just generic ones hence premium cars (better damage, better cockpit view, other stuff).

IHateYouFanboys2901d ago

no, standard cars have no cockpit view whatsoever. this has been confirmed time and time again.

standard cars are GT4 PS2 car models that have been software upscaled. they have had no extra work done on them, meaning no interiors.

Pennywise2901d ago

^Worst troll attempt before 9am. Sad.

All cars have cockpit view.

IHateYouFanboys2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

are you guys serious?

this is well known news. Kaz himself has stated that the Standard Cars do not have a cockpit view AT ALL. Kaz himself has stated that the Standard Cars are Software Upscaled GT4 models, thats why they dont feature body damage, 3d door handles, individual body panels, etc - because theyre just a texture over one giant polygonal chassis.

just have a read on the OFFICIAL GRAN TURISMO SITE:

"The allure of a Premium Car is in its faithful reproduction. Not only the exterior, but the high precision in the recreation of the interior, is something you will only see in Gran Turismo 5."

if you need more evidence, how about this:


"So Sony Computer Entertainment America has made an update to the official Gran Turismo website to put all this speculation to rest. The relevant comment reads as follows:
“Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.”"

if you STILL dont believe me, youre gonna be in for one hell of a shock when you get the game lol. the 800 standard cars have been confirmed time and time again that they do not have interiors. no amount of fanboy BS or whining can change this. so please, bookmark this page and come back and apologise to me when the game comes out.

@The Maxx (below): "Has anyone confirmed the damage yet for Premium vs. Standard cars?

Is the damage the same? Are all cars able to take damage, physical and mechanical? "

Damage has been confirmed for months:

Premium cars have full damage, physically and mechanically.

Standard Cars have full mechanical damage, but very limited physical damage. and by 'very limited' i mean no panel deformation or displacement, just minor dents, scratches and scrapes on the paint job.

if you want to read about it on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE, go here:

"Physics-Affecting Damage
This is damage in which the physics simulation is affected by alignment deviations, etc. This is damage that affects controllability, meaning that the car may not drive straight, or it might become unstable in corners, depending on the amount of damage. Affects all cars.

Dirt, Scratches, and Dents
This is damage that can be visually seen, and involves the body becoming dirty, scratches and dents. This will affects all cars.

Separation (dislocation) of Body Panels
This is damage in which body panels are dislocated from their original positions, or deform. This will affects only Premium Cars."

straight from the horses mouth, yet im sure the idiots will still find reason to disagree and believe that all the standard cars will have full damage too lol.

Mamajuana2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

The shelby GT on the second video is incredible.

blasian2901d ago

Seriously that rain video looks lifelike down to the detail. Its kind of scary

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