Gran Turismo 5 Currently In-Stock and Available for Purchase on Retailer Website

In the midst of all the chaos of an unknown, though impending, release date for Gran Turismo 5, fans are beginning to hunt high and low for a way to gain access to this massive PS3 exclusive. Over the last several days, there have numerous leaks of gameplay videos and information based on the retail version of the game, but no one has managed to find a place to purchase the game legitimately. Well, that was until now.

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ZBlacktt2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

It's always a story from some far off land country on a web site that has to be translated into English..... I say type-o. Heck, first link was a dead link to the ad. Then you have to search down that other forums thread to find a good link.

FrankenLife2927d ago

They also claim to have RAGE in stock.... So yeah, this site is just run by the uniformed.

jony_dols2927d ago

Has anyone actually purchased it yet? I'd try but they don't do international shipping :(

KwietStorm2927d ago

You talking about the source or n4g? haha

Oner2926d ago

Wow I had tried to break this news by submitting this same exact news EARLY yesterday @ around 2 PM and it's STILL sitting there waiting to be approved...

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BeOneWithTheGun2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

One way could be to have it shipped and ready for sale, say Tuesday BUT tell the stores they CANNOT advertise it.

Then, Sony comes out that day and goes, "What release date? It's on the stores shelves as we speak. You didn't know???"

After the collective pants crapping it would be an insane sprint to your nearest retailer. Imagine not knowing how many copies were available and would they be sold out? Are there bundles???....massive sick day usage. Would probably set a world record.

KratosGirI2927d ago

A friend of my bro said copies of the game are expected to arrive by next week where I'm from.

StanLee2927d ago

I don't believe it. That doesn't make any sense. Where is the media push from Sony if the game will be available at retailers next week? Where is announcement of a release date? Why make the game available at retail before even releasing a release date?

Rainstorm812927d ago

I agree, im a huge GT fan & Sony is completly dropping the ball on this....if GT5 isnt out by NOv 23 in the US it would be disgraceful.

Why would you shoot past one of the busiest shopping days of the year ? GT5 is probably one of the most anticipated titles this gen, yet Sony is acting like they will announce the release date the week of or the day before. Not to mention...WHere the hell is this massive Coke/PS Move Ad campaign... I know 2011 will be most likelt one of the most dominating years for console exclusives for the ps3, but dont forget 2010

Dear Playstation:

I know you had great success over the past year 09-early 2010....but if you let up, you will end up back in that deep hole from whence you came.

RedDevils2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

it should be out in Europe first!

Ilikegames762927d ago

Sony doesn't have $500 Million to spend on advertising for a game which will eventually sell very well through word of mouth. Maybe Sony would rather spend that kind of money on making more games for the PS3. But that's just my theory.

Rainstorm812927d ago

They SHOULDNT spend 500 mil but they SHOULD say the damn release date.......THATS FREE!!!!

as far as the CoKe/Move ad campaign...Sony announced that at E3.

I just want to know when GT5 will release, i dont wanna wake up one morning and the game is out with no warning.

moparful992927d ago

I don't understand why Sony is being so tight lipped about this.. It's obvious and clear as day that they have printed the discs and some have been shipped.. Maybe they are waiting for the media to lose their hard on for cod black ops and kinect b4 giving us a release date? Whatever the reason they are making people unhappy...

juniordee2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Or maybe they have no idea when the production for the game will be done and when the retailers will all have their copies ready for release. Don't forget PD missed the original production date so obviously Sony had a hard time finding a spot for them to print GT5 quick enough before this holiday. Don't be so quick to judge, when you don't even know the real story.

Just be patient, I'm sure the game will be good!

moparful992926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I'm not judging by any means but this is unlike sony to let a game of this magnitude fly silent... I'm purely speculating and will admit that front and center but I'm trying so hard to rationalize why sony is pulling a sega with this game... Are they going to release and not say anything? Are they artificially building hype for the game by dangling carrots in our faces? What is it, I have looked forward to this game since they released gt hd way back in 2007 on the playstation store.... If they would at least appease us and keep us updated on progress then this speculation game would have died off by now but they are just fanning the flames....

Jeff2572927d ago

I sense Sony's hand in all of this. I mean yes the game got delayed from the 2nd but since then we have seen multiple articles about the release being soon. Sony is essentially getting free publicity by keeping people on the hook and the more we dont know the more we want it. When this does finally release it already has years of hype and anticipation behind it. That coupled with all this recent speculation could seriously work in their favor. Anyway Sony knows exactly what they are doing and instead of spending billions on a marketing campaign they are giving us little teasers. I expect once it does come out though we will see more big ads on TV for it.

Moonboots2927d ago

Yes, possibly just a few weeks away from release and no advertising and no reviews.. pure genius!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I have a feeling of a new Trailer in the next 2 weeks to announce the release date.

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