Pachter: 'Gran Turismo 5 Will Be Out Mid December'

Speaking to IncGamers, analyst Michael Pachter has said that Sony has stated to him that Gran Turismo 5 will be out before the holidays.

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N4GAddict3814d ago

I just hope it comes out before 2011

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King-Leonidas3813d ago

Patcher STFU we dont wanna hear your half assed ''predictions'' ;

Shadow Flare3814d ago

Exactly. So pachter thinks Sony will release GT5 mid December, essentially a week before Christmas? What an idiot. To get the most out of the Christmas sales you need to release in November. So hopefully GT5 is going to be at the end of November. You know, I know a few people who are desperate to find work. Yet this asshat has been either stating the obvious or predicting the ridiculous for years now. Why does he still have a job, but above that, why does the media keep referencing him like he's a trustworthy source??

BrianG3814d ago

I like reading the article summary, Pachter said Sony told him the game would be out before the holidays.

Damn Pachter, you got connections. lol

As if Sony hasn't told us all that the game is on track to release before the holidays.

Shazz3814d ago

im really hoping the 26th nov rumour is true but if its not announced by friday latest then its doubtful

Nitrowolf23814d ago

idk to me it makes sense for this month, i mean Sony is having a launch event and aren't launch event a day or two before a game releases?

big_silky3813d ago

his prediction is way off, everybody knows it's march 2011

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The story is too old to be commented.