Rumor: Two new IPs for the Wii, Plus We Love Tennis screen shots.

Recently it was revealed that Camelot is, under Capcom's publishing arm, bringing the sequel to its PC golf title 'I Love Golf' to Wii in the form of 'We Love Golf'. However, some new trademarks have also revealed 'We Love Tennis' and 'We Love Baseball'.

Mu5afir6141d ago (Edited 6141d ago )

First EA with all the pet games, and now Capcom with all the sport games.. it's terrible how the developers are trying to milk the Wiis consumer out of money. I just hope some of these games are actually good and aren't half baked.

BlademasterD6141d ago

That is what all developers do when they create a game for any system.

djt236141d ago

cool i really like that golf game


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live2play4285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

thank you wii for

skyward sword
donkey kong country returns
super mario galaxy 2
rayman origins
kirbys epic yarn
mario party 9
kirby return to dreamland
mario kart wii

you helped me get my wife into gaming

now the wiiu will get her into
rayman legends

and first time playing for us both CoD for the zombie mode multiplayer

ElectricKaibutsu4278d ago

The Wii is definitely a wife friendly system. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is good for co-op wife play and e had a lot of fun getting every coin in NSMB Wii. Rright now we're playing through the VC Secret of Mana. The Wii didn't have a lot of third party support but it's hard to beat when it comes to family games.

Ilovetheps54285d ago

Skyward Sword was an amazing game. I have played it a couple of times. It's almost as good as Ocarina of Time. I've had a lot of fun with my Wii. I just wish it could have put out more games that I would have enjoyed. Hopefully the Wii U changes that. Based on the launch lineup, it will.


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Cajun Chicken4352d ago

Oh man, I've got Blast Works, it's got ports of all of Kenta Cho's classic freeware games too.

Phil324352d ago

I remember when I had more time and back around release that I was all about getting high scores and making levels with Blast Works.

Moncole4351d ago

Blast Works would be an awesome game on the Wii U with tons of online support.

from the beach4351d ago

Nice list, Kororinpa and Munchables are two I've been meaning to try.

I'll also add Disaster: Day of Crisis, Eledees, Wario Land Shake and Pandora's Tower as some lesser-known titles worth checking out.