Reggie: 'They're not even on the map'

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimes has claimed victory over Sony's PSP, declaring the Nintendo DS as the clear winner in the handheld war.

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specialguest5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

They're not even on the map?!? ok i'll admit that they can't compete against the DS, but they are doing steadily well.

Marriot VP5386d ago

what isn't doing steadily well??? If it isn't booming it isn't a worthwhile good valued product.

Too expensive and not enough games.

specialguest5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

sales number of PSP games sold as well as PSP are doing well for gaming sales in general. DS booming sales is somewhat of a phenomenon in gaming.

the PSP isn't like your Dreamcast that did poorly in both Japan and elsewhere. it is a solid handheld and just needed time to develope it's library of games. now all kinds of games are coming out left and right, not to mention the rapidly growing RPG titles.

you stated that if it isn't booming then it isn't a worthwhile product. well remember Xbox1, compare it's sales to the PS2(pre-360). the PS2 sales blew it way out of the water, so using your arguement, i guess you're saying it isn't a worthwhile product huh?

im not debating on which handheld has better games. what im stating is that the PSP is indeed a solid handheld and can hold it's own.

Balance5386d ago

i agree, they are beating them but it isn't like they are selling any psp because of it. "wii to follow" - now that was a funny comment. being ahead in one war doesn't mean you will be ahead in the other. consoles and handhelds are very different.

RealDoubleJ5386d ago

i think portable gaming, i think gameboy, and have been for 20 years. Is there chance for anyone to take over the hand-held market without the need for Nintendo to self-combust? Otherwise, I think Nintendo can quite happily retire from the console wars if it needs to & survive on it's handheld applications.

Jay da 2KBalla5386d ago

You have indeed beat the sh!t out of psp and you are right psp isnt even on the map and whoeva said psp is selling steadily well, 3 letters- lol.

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