Gamefest 2006: Microsoft Has 100M Monthly Gamers

While a significant portion of Chris Satchell's, General Manager of Microsoft's Game Developer Group, keynote at Gamefest focused on the public release of the XNA toolset and the eventual movement in the direction of a Community Live system, Satchell also showed slides which indicated just how much the industry's economy has gotten out of hand.

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kewlkat0075382d ago

I used to play more PC games in the mids of PSone/xbox/PS2 era. The xbox 360 has given me a new reason to enjoy games on a console in regards to XBL. Like one of the guys metioned, thats probally as far as I'm going to take it.

I myself, won't be playing games phones, and other devices. I seem to play mostly RTS on the PC now and I'm waiting for the new comand & conquer game.

Yes the Nintendo Wii seems to be the only one trying to grab the attention "new gamers" wether you call thier conroller a gimmick or not its def something different.

Jay da 2KBalla5382d ago

Pretty good work with the 360 microsoft.