Rumor: Halo 3 already arriving at some retailers

Pictures of what appears to be the Halo 3 special edition have been posted in the NeoGAF forums. While they look like they could be real, even Bungie's own employees only got the final version of the game five days ago and it officially went gold two days ago, so having the discs printed and shipped on a large scale already seems unlikely.

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toughNAME5867d ago

if they move up the release date...

FreeMonk5866d ago

What doesn't make sense to me is why they shrink wrapped display boxes?? It's doesn't make one bit of sense!!

If they are indeed RETAIL versions, I give it 4-5 days before a ISO of Halo 3 appears on Torrent and Usenet servers!

What MS have to do is when they see anyone playing Halo 3 on live BEFORE the release date other than people they know should be playing it, is to slam the banhammer on them!

What I do know is that if Halo 3 arrived 3 weeks earlier than Retail, then more people will mod there consoles, which is bad thing for everyone!

What Bungie and MS must do if Halo 3 gets leaked weeks earlier, they will NEED to release the game earlier!

It could get interesting!

zonetrooper55867d ago

This is not the same story as on the front page btw, this is about other stores and not the ones from Italy. :)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5867d ago

same thing happened with Halo 2, ( my local Gamestop had it one month before release. )

zonetrooper55867d ago

Fixed the reports so you guys can approve it now.

MaximusPaynicus5867d ago

On one hand, I've heard that these are indeed images from retailers early. On the other hand, I've also heard that these are images from one of the manufacturing plants that are actually printing the discs.

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dazzysima252d ago

My first thought. Deserved to be somewhere in there.

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That is the most "normie" list that I ever saw. This does make some sense given the console in question, but still.

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Sure, the list itself sucks. But that click-saver table-of-contents, every list should have that.

BrainSyphoned253d ago

Might as well list it as the One's top twenty as well since all it had for games was backward compatibility.