Black Ops Hacked

The folks over at have posted a video of a successful hack of Call Of Duty: Black Ops, claiming that a “special friend” was able to hack the game three days before it was even released. Brutal Gamer reports.

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Dnied4095d ago

Is this some kind of joke? another one of these articles?

... how sad...

Red_Orange_Juice4095d ago

you know "spread the word how much ass BO suc.."

vhero4095d ago

Be prepared for an ONSLAUGHT of these articles

gamerdude1324095d ago

Great. Not a lot of people have been able to go to the game store and grab this and it was hacked days before release? Nice, if one person can do it, so can everyone else. Why do I sense another MW2 is coming up? I might be wrong, but...

zoks3104095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Man devs are not even trying now a days, how can you have fun in this game if it gets hacked like this day one, what's the point of playing if people are cheating?
And yet the media who we depend on to give us a clear and unbiased review is giving this broken game nearly perfect scores.

Saryk4095d ago

Making hacks, cheating, and pirating is a sure way to give the companies more fuel to demand more control over there games. What all of this does is hurt the core gamer in the end!

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The story is too old to be commented.