Lair's Motion Control Fix from Wired

Want to know just how close we were to getting actual, non-frustrating, analog stick control in Lair? All you have to do is plug any USB control pad that doesn't have Sixaxis motion control capability into the PlayStation 3, and Lair will use the analog sticks. Or, in their case, the D-pad off of this old knockoff Sega Saturn USB pad I had lying around.

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TriggerHappy4155d ago

Hope this helps out all the people complaining of Lair's sloppy controls.

WaggleLOL4155d ago

"Lair's sloppy controls."

Shut up idiot.

Lair's controls are right on. What's so pathetic is everyone, who isn't some fanboy looking for an excuse to slam a PS3 1080p exclusive game, is amazed at how well the controls work when they get the game for themselves.

The pathetic little fanboy got laughed at and ridiculed by actual Lair owners over on gaf today and this is his pathetic attempt at damage control.

1080p PS3 games make fanboys angry and feel the need to lash out. In 'reviews', on messageboards.

Lair is an amazing game, with an amazing soundtrack, and spot on controls.

It should stand as a lesson to everyone just how infested gaming sites are with miserable and bitter little fanboys looking for any opportunity to lash out.

nasim4155d ago

The motion controls were not a problem with me.

However GS /IGN /1up/EGM and EUROGAMER---these websites should ofcourse be having problems with SONY products.

LAIR at 1080p makes any x360 game look like a wii game.

It plays well too if u can manouver the SIXAXIS

snoop_dizzle4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

im still going to try this out but 1080p doesn't make a game the gameplay does

"LAIR at 1080p makes any x360 game look like a wii game."

thats nice but if it doesn't play well it doesn't really matter does it? Heck maybe even a wii game plays better.

then in that case i would play a good wii game then

i am still going to give this a try I'm just not expecting for gameplay. The controls might be hard and ill get over that, but will i be sick of it after 5 levels? Of course it looks good, but if thats it well no.

hopefully I'm wrong becasue i have been anticipating this game and i enjoyed the rougue squadron series. which in many ways wasnt a AAA series.

monkey6024155d ago

I actually cant see how this would work! But that doesnt mean I mean I am denying that it does.

TriggerHappy4155d ago

Well we could always find out, someone with the game and a usb gamepad should give it a try and upate us.

SabreMan4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

ironically i use a 360 pad for my pc, i may try it with lair once i receive my copy

DrWan4155d ago

ppl complaining you have to hold it steady and stuff..but no one ever complains about craps like Red Steel. u also have to holdit still and ur shoulder get all tire and stuff...

zakupilot2564155d ago

I like the controls, I am having alot of fun with the game. I am glad i ignored the reviews. Game is Awesome!!!

s8anicslayer4155d ago

i know the controls arn't bad i really like this game, i guess someones personal frustration with the 6 axis is what cused some low reviews from some sites but all's i can say if anyone gave this game below a 7.0 i'd question their opinion for future game purchases!

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The story is too old to be commented.