EA Sports Selling Cheats Again (Tiger Woods 08)

Another year, same story. Today on the Xbox Live Marketplace you can buy yourself a cheat to max out your golfer's stats in Tiger Woods 08. The price, 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50).

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Maxed Out Player (200 MS Points) - 8/31
Max out your original game face golfer's skills. Save yourself the time of building up your golfer, and instantly set all skills to 110%!"

No word if and when this will show up on the PlayStation Store.

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taz80804069d ago

why not just sell the endings of games while your at it. this is not good, selling cheat codes is dumb

drunkpandas4069d ago

Selling any game element that always has been, and should be free is what bothers me about this

BrainDrain4069d ago

Dam, who are the idiots that are buying this crap? Somebody must be buying it because that tells EA there's a market for it.

jinn4069d ago

uh oh, someone call the cops.