Sony and Microsoft working together at last

Sony Corp.'s three-year effort to beat Apple Inc.'s iTunes Music Store is over. The company, which is one of the largest movie, music and consumer electronics companies in the world, said Thursday that it will be closing down its Connect Music Store in Europe and the U.S.

In its place, Sony is adding Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Media technology to its music players and allowing consumers to download copy-protected content from numerous Windows Media-compatible music stores on the Internet, including those from Napster, and WalMart.

Sony will also distribute Windows Media Player 11 software with the devices.

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ReBurn4070d ago

Just goes to show that the world is bigger than video games.

Captain Tuttle4070d ago

Companies don't make decisions based on loyalty or fanboys or internet petitions(at least successful ones don't)'s all about what's best for the business.

Crazyglues4070d ago

best for business or just whatever will make them the most money...

reaferfore204069d ago

Maybe this means I'll be able to watch WMV movies on my PS3 (I'm too lazy to stream them). That would be sweet.

Syko4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Don't ask me how or why. But some of these idiots were actually fighting over which console uses more power today. It will be amazing to watch the spin on this one. lol

But it would be funny if these future players where more compatible with MS Hardware and software than Sony's own. Still a smart move considering MS is the #1 software maker.

Captain Tuttle4070d ago

This could end up being one funny thread.

Foliage4070d ago

That's BS, Microsoft is obviously after the.. nah I'm just kidding.

Anyone remember the SP2 update killing the SonicStage compatibility? The "omgjbox.exe error"? I'm glad they've grown past the little things.

codeazrael4070d ago

And stop instigating just for your own benefit.........loser

solidt124070d ago

This is a good thing for both companies. Sony makes great hardware and Microsoft makes great software. Together they might be able to give Apple a run for there money. I Prefer Media Player over iTunes any day.

Infernus4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I don't like iTunes and prefer the Sony MP3 players to iPods, I have a Sony Walkman phone and love it. Power to Sony! Of course WMP is awesome so nice one Microsoft for joining in with this. MS get to take on Apple in something other than OS.

The PS3 and 360 are the most powerful gaming platforms out, the two companies have lots of influence in different places. MS in the computing industry, Sony in the movies, music and home tech industries. Put them together and they definately have my backing to beat Apple!

Neutral post? Yup! Fanboyism? Nope!
The way it should be! :)

heroman7114070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

micrsoft does make good software but sometimes it has errors. besides that its very good. wmp is awesome. its so well built

BulletToothtony4070d ago

they will come up with something good.. even thou there's not much you can do against the ipod.. i mean.. it's just what people seem to want..

and the zune was so freaking bulky and ugly.. they should've really spent more time in the outsite design.. even thou the radio it's a nice touch.. i rather use my phone as an mp3 player than buy a zune.. even thou i might buy an ipod soon..

here's a funny video about the zune

FordGTGuy4070d ago

I love my Zune so don't hate. Last time I checked though the only people that knock the Zune are people that haven't just sit down with it for a couple hours.

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gunnerforlife4070d ago

wow this is a surprise i would of never though that them 2 companies would work together with each other i life is weird sometimes O.o

DrPirate4070d ago

Lmfao to all those who pressed disagree :P

GnaM4069d ago


Just kidding.

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