TVG Previews: Haze

Following some rather impressive demos at the Leipzig Games Convention, TVG felt the need to do another Haze preview, this time focusing on the multiplayer co-op.

Haze really is shaping up into something very special. Following on from their successful spoof-styled Timesplitters series, Haze will be the first game with a more serious narrative from FPS specialists Free Radical Design, since Second Sight a few years back. As if we ever doubted Free Radical, Haze not only seems to be nicely garnished with top of the line FPS gameplay, but also has some particularly enterprising new ideas.

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jinn4064d ago

i kind of lost interest in this game and turned my attention to halo 3

vaan4064d ago

I think this game will tank sales wise. The 360 owners will all go toward Halo3 and for PS3 owners, Unreal 3 looks awesome and has Mouse and Keys.
Unreal is going to sell a ton of units.