Gears Of War Map Pack Will Become Free To Download

Microsoft has announced that beginning on Monday at 5 pm EST the Hidden Fronts map pack for the Epic Games developed hit Xbox 360 action game Gears of War will become free to download via Xbox Live. The map pack contains four levels for the title.

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Funky Town_TX4067d ago

The multiplayer is trash. I hope GEARS 2 is better. They don't need maps they need gameplay options. Also throw in a few weapons. How about you make a patch for that EPIC. Singleplayer was sweet though.

Mu5afir4067d ago

Just when Bioshock released, and Halo is on it's way.. you finally decide to make those map packs free.

Double-Edged4067d ago

If gears multiplayer is trash... then why is it the most played online game via Xbox Live?

your probably those crappy gamers... ahh yes..
you are.

Clinton5144067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Look at the filth you're accusing people of. You know what a crappy gamer is...some kid who thinks he's a hardcore gamer because he "only" plays videogames online.

*claps* His game his trade to make. Go fold up and cry about it if you don't like it.

BloodySinner4067d ago

What's the matter? Did his opinion offend you? I'm sorry. You also must be one of those crappy GoW players who can't even get a kill on the first round.

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BIadestarX4067d ago

If this trend continues.... Eventually people will be paying for new content only if they want it immediately. Free content over time.

solidt124067d ago

My exact thoughts. It does pay to buy this stuff if it is going to be free anyway soon. If you can wait then wait, thy pay.

eLiNeS4067d ago

but I am sure I will hate going into any ranked matches thanks to there sucky non existent matchmaking system. This game could have been the equivalent of HALO 2 if they would have had a MM system in place as good as HALOs.

Marceles4067d ago

Nice, the free download pack as well as the xbox live arcade bargain with some titles half off. Good news for the 360

iNcRiMiNaTi4067d ago

i remember when they announced the map pack they said it would be free on september, that was on this site too

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