Fatal Inertia goes gold: available at retailers September 11

KOEI announced today that Fatal Inertia has reached gold status and will be available at retailers throughout North America beginning the week of September 11, 2007, for the Xbox 360.

When Fatal Inertia ships, the game will include 8-player racing on Xbox LIVE or on System Link, over 1.3 million race craft customization combinations plus 15,000 performance combinations, 51 courses across 6 distinct racing environments, and 50 Xbox Achievements.

A free demo of Fatal Inertia is available now exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The demo offers single player and split-screen two-player "Combat races" as well as high-speed "Velocity races" from the game's Exhibition and Elite racing leagues.

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SuperSaiyan44070d ago

Feel really sorry for who ever purchases this absolutle terrible game...Do the developers really think that churning out crap like this sells? I really hope no one buys it!

sticky doja4070d ago

I haven't played the demo yet so I don't know anything about it.

alexander22rednaxela4070d ago

It is pretty messed up, the textures load during the in game intro.
- The tracks are tiny.
- The vehicles are far to fast for the tracks size.
- The level design is totally just wrong for a speed racer game.

reaferfore204070d ago

I played two races then deleted it. Wipeout HD should blow this game away.

good2face4070d ago

Yeah... i tried the demo, and I agree that it sucked. It's the Unreal 3 engine, so it looks nice, like Gears-like graphics, but controlling the stupid vehicle is just frustrating. It's like wipeout or podracer but with better graphics and worse gameplay. The demo probably actually hurt sales of this game.

Foliage4070d ago

I don't know how this game kept heading in the wrong direction, and they failed to show any clue of it. What a terrible game.

alexander22rednaxela4070d ago

This game was supposed to be PS3 exclusive, great mediocre games go multi-platform instead of consoles loosing great exclusives.

Captain Tuttle4070d ago

This game's a turd...I don't believe the press release.

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The story is too old to be commented.