Gamekult: COD Black Ops Review

Gamekult: It will be understood, Black Ops attempts a daring: we dive into a specific historical period (here, the Cold War during the '60s, landing in the Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War), but by introducing issues of pure fiction

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big_silky4773d ago

this is probably the only real score we'll see for the game.

vickers5004773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

Honestly I don't think we will see ANY real scores for the game.

On ONE hand, sites will give Black Ops amazing scores simply for the fact that it's highly anticipated and very popular.

On the OTHER hand, sites like this one are going to intentionally give Black Ops bad or mediocre scores for the sole reason of getting hits.

I think this is just one of those times that reviews are going to be completely meaningless.

The only fair solution to this problem is to either rent it or borrow it from a friend (or play it at their house). I trust no reviews for this game.

But I imagine those who love Call of Duty will like this one as well.

Baka-akaB4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

for starters 7/10 is hardly mediocre ... except for people used to "store that freely gives candy" .

And it is gamekult's habit to rate every games harshly and to an higher standard . They might not always be right , but they are not fake like Edge .

DERKADER4773d ago

So either this game is unreviewable or everyone on the planet has some sort of bias towards COD:BO.

InfectedDK4773d ago

Well a 7/10 game is for me fine!
Looking forward to be getting this game later today.

NecrumSlavery4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

This is an odd situation. COD is always overhyperd and overrated, regardless of the quality. But IW has gotten all the free passes, especially with MW2. Treyarch shouldn't get sh't for being the "other COD guys". Black Ops actually looks very good. The MP is severely improved, and the overall experince looks better than IW's game.

We can collectively hate Activision/Bobby Kotick, but should give Treyarch a chance. They seem to have done a good job on this one.

EDIT: If the game online, becomes a pile of poo do to glitched and cheaters, you all can hate it. But by that time Killzone 3, Crysis 2 will be out, so you'll have something new to move on to.

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-Alpha4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

@big silk

Define "real score". Assuming that you don't have the game, is it the score that you WANT COD to get or is it the score you think it deserves?

I can't see how it's fair to call reviews fake or real if the former

ico924773d ago

i wouldnt trust these guys they gave halo reach, heavy rain and uncharted 2 7's and 8's , obvious troll website

-Alpha4773d ago

They gave UC2 a 9/10 I'm pretty sure.

Gave LBP a 7/10 though.

I know they review lower than the standard but read the content.

I'll obviously wait for more reviews

Jamegohanssj54773d ago

Big silky why you have only one bubble I don't understand. That statement is 100% true.


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TrevorPhillips4773d ago

=/ im just gonna leave this article now and wait for IGN and GT's score....

Raider694773d ago

Ign,GT,Gamespot,1UP ..and a few more sites are the most bias there is!Most of them dont even finnish the games they reviewing!

SpitFireAce854773d ago

What are you smoking IGNorant,GT haha that made
me laugh...

TrevorPhillips4773d ago

I was only kidding relax. I know how IGN, GT and Gamespot are.

Shackdaddy8364773d ago

Im waitin for G4's review. Besides my own opinion and other random gamer's opinions, I trust them the most.

visualb4773d ago

listen to the reviews that give it the score you want

whats the point then? you already expect it to succeed and get 9/10, and won't listen to anything that says otherwise, so why bother with reviews?! =P

just buy the game n f*ck the reviews if you're interpreting like that

jarrod19814773d ago

im waiting for destructoids review. i only trust jim sterling. /s

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Jigsaw-4773d ago

for once i agree with gamekult.

Shackdaddy8364773d ago

How could you say that? You haven't even played the game. At least wait until you have played it before judging. That goes with every game.

Ducky4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

Time to equip shotgun for stealing arms and legs of our poor opponents. Hmm.

... Hmm, indeed.

I wish I was cool enough to make my own opinions instead of relying on websites to tell me how good a game is based on a numeric value.

NickX4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

Meh, I read reviews for games like Vanquish and New Vegas that ranged from 5/10 to 10/10

these small time sites looking for hits are irrelevant as are ALL reviews. You think a game is good then it does not matter what score you give it, it's a good game end of story. You don't have sex with your wife and say that was good, but I must rate you out of ten. And see if you get the sex of the year award. Scoring games is pointless, just say if it's good or not. And spare us your flawed scoring system that you dreamed up in five minutes down the pub.

Baka-akaB4773d ago

Gamekult isnt a small site , its one of the biggest of its country .

They couldnt care less about someone decided to post some poorly google translated version ... it's not like they gain anything from n4g hits .

They treat every game harsher than most , someone just posted it , because it's a title of cod's magnitude .

Aloren4773d ago

GK is not a small site....

And they're harsh, but at least, they're consistant.
A 7 on gamekult is good. 8 is very good. 9 is extremly good. and 10 never happened.

Raider694773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

9 and 10 shoud be given to games that push the boundaries of what already have been done!COD BO dont make or introduce nothing new! 7 serves them well,because is the right score for a game like this!

Op244773d ago

The point of reviews are for people to understand whats featured in the game. If a games totally broken and you buy it from a store like Best Buy your basically out 60.00 you'd wish you hadn't spent because once you open it there are no returns. Or you can go to gamestop and get ripped 20 dollars for the 60.00 you spent.