Jeanne d'Arc Review: 9/10

Get your microscope ready, because that's what you'll need in order to find flaws in Level-5's PSP-exclusive, Jeanne d'Arc. Although it rarely, if ever, breaks away from standard SRPG conventions, Jeanne d'Arc does everything a game in the genre should do -- and it does it very well. Combining fantastic graphics, impressive production values, addictive gameplay, and an intriguing story, this is a must-have for any PSP owner.

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Bigmac5734156d ago

That's all I have to say.

Chemical4156d ago

screw giving money to sony

nurayi4156d ago

best thing to play on the PSP at the moment, if your through with MGS:PO

SIX4156d ago

My brother has this so I decided to try it. Guess what?! I loved it! Only after 10 minutes and I was sold! PSP owners, don't pass this one up or you will be missing out.

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