Kinect for Xbox 360 hardware, games dominate top 10 sales

Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect for Xbox 360 and games titles dominated the top 10 sales at Inc. amid strong post launch demand for the products.

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OGharryjoysticks3834d ago

If Kinect really takes off you will regret loving videogames. It will prove once and for all that people are sheep not to be respected, and gamers will swallow anything put in their face with enough marketing. While this has proven to be true to a certain extent from the Microsoft camp this entire generation, this is bad news on a whole. The end is upon us. Soon Microsoft will charge for the air you breathe while in the room playing your games and the new DLC they bring upon the gaming industry will be nothing more than mouths of sperm, but since they don't mind taking a mouth full themselves and glorify it everyday on the news they pump through the system the sheep finally have found themselves a new food group. And once it gets the sheep stamp of approval it becomes the norm because charging for air and having idiots buy skeet by the buckets is great for the guy filling his pockets and draining his balls at the same time.

Nathaniel_Drake3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Honestly you should expect this for a month or so, from the misleading advertising from MS. This isn't really a new tech just an evolved one. The money they put into their campaign should net them this result, but to break even they need Kinect to have legs, that's where this thing should be judged at.

Active Reload3834d ago

Your comments are...interesting. Is the "core" gaming crowd being neglected? Personally, I don't think so. Kinect is an option like everything else and I don't see it taking anything away from gamers or the gaming community. If Kinect was taking anything away, I would be right along with you pitchfork and all.

N4WAH3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Of course it's being neglected by the sheer fact this device doesn't cater to the core user base. That in itself is neglect. Add to that the increase in XBL, insane marketing campaign for Kinect, money spent on R&D for this device, future advertising, money spent on studios to further support Kinect and all the while where are the games for the core crowd that you wont find on other consoles?

Now there is rumors that 360 exclusive like Forza, Fable and who know which others, will have Kinect support. Great so Turn 10 might spend valuable resources and costly time implementing motion controls to a sim racer that is all about precision driving? For me, a person that purchased an expensive $500 Fanatec 911 S wheel and full feature cockpit to go with it, I am going to be happy about pretending to drive the cars in F4?

This might be the start of the Wii all over again. You know those, "We won't forget our core fans. Look we have Mario Party coming out in 6 months". As a 360 core fan the only game I know to be an exclusive coming out for the 360 in 2011 is Gears of War 3. Sure there will be some announced at E3 2011 but most likely they wont come out till Fall 11 or the following year.

Sorry but as a fan of the 360 and I am already feeling neglected.

JokesOnYou3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Run, grab your kids and valuables, micro has finally destroyed life as we know it!!! lmfao,

pffft, I'm glad kinect pisses off narrow close-minded folks like you, hopefully you'll find another hobby to spew your hate upon.

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Orionsangel3834d ago

It'll show that the game industry is all about making money and nothing else. All the love and passion of making a game will make way for simplistic games that serve Kinect.

marison3834d ago

Whoever thinks different needs a lesson of economy.

I have only one desire. That Kinect, Move and Wii expand gaming to a point where our niche (hardcore is niche or will be soon) have a billion users. That way we will get various games that will glad us.

FragMnTagM3834d ago

Once more people accept gaming, will it not lead to even more hardcore games? There are millions of movies and tv shows out there. They range in ratings from cutesy to SAW movies. I am sure film was rejected until different ways were invented to view them like the TV. Not everyone probably enjoyed going to the theater.

Expanding the gaming audience will mean the Jack Thompsons of the world will seem a lot less relevant. How the hell would he have any say so when the judge or the jury is playing Wii, Kinect, or Move?

I don't see it as the end of gaming as rather a new face for gaming, that says games are for everyone! Instead of just for kids, how they are currently seen by the way. That is why you see people trying to ban mature games to minors. They think that mature games should not exist in the first place all the while many books, TV shows, and Movies are far worse than what games have been.

No one would say we need to ban movies, books, or tv shows in the hopes that our children may not view or read the content. Instead those forms of entertainment are widely accepted by society and thus are treated more fairly than video games.

marison3834d ago

I could not say that in a better way.

Wii did good to our hobby and so will Move and Kinect.

I need to play a real mature game with a hardcore sense with any of these technologies adding to the enjoyment.

DJMarty3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

It's one thing misleading people into buying a crap product, but will the Kinect buyer keep it or return it after christmas.

That is the 500mill question?

gamingdroid3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Yeah, I think you should really give up gaming since another group of people happen to like a different type of games than you.

Since the casuals didn't like the same stuff you do, they must also be sheeps!

Wonders what I would be if I followed your advice and did not buy Kinect? Another sheep?

poopface13834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

the wii sold great, had mostly shovel ware, and sony copies them.

at least microsoft tried something different instead of coping nintendo.

DONT FORGET YOUR LUBE, caring soo much for people who play on 360, even though you hate xbox and its users.

How about you look for some meaning in your own life, as to not be so upset when people don't do what you think they should.

MS is doing good so far with their casual push, so of course you come here with your BS pretending like you are so upset over something(360) you dont own or even like.

Sure, your just butthurt because M$ didnt copy the competition like sony did, and they havent outright failed yet.

As someone whi has no desire for any motion controls I can easily say its not like M$ is suddenly going to stop producing exclusives, because they barley have any 1st party already.

Sop basically, the only people bitching and moaning and "worrying for 360 and its users" are people who dont have a 360 and hate microsoft.

lowcarb3834d ago

The real problem is the fact that MS brought something out that's a hit and not on your console of choice. Hate all you want because it still doesn't change the fact that people are loving it. Hybrid games have potential and so far there wont be a need to buy a wiimote looking controller.

DJMarty3834d ago

You are one of the crowd who MS are after 'missinformed gullable sheep'.

BTW KINECT is an EYETOY rip off, I played that 7 years ago. It's old hat.

KINECT has limited use, because it lacks BUTTONS.

FragMnTagM3834d ago

I hate feeding trolls, but I had the Eyetoy and Kinect is light years ahead of it. Name one game that tracked your every movement with a 3d character.... oh yeah that's right eyetoy was a 2d camera that is exactly the same as any webcam. The only novelty the eyetoy had was software and crappy software at that.

Now Kinect has an infrared camera, a webcam, and a depth sensor, that tracks your skeleton within a 3D space. It also has sophisticated programming in order to recognize myself in any lighting condition and sign my avatar in. Eyetoy doesn't even come close to that.

Kinect doesn't need buttons, but everyone already knows that a controller could be used with it anyway.

Well I have wasted enough typing on you. Too bad it will pass right through that cavernous space between your ears though.

lowcarb3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

And you are completely uneducated about Kinect. We know it has no buttons but it works and we also know Hybrid games are coming and they will work too. Anyways Frag above me said everything so no need to even try and educate you.

poopface13834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I completely agree with him, AND I HATE!!!! ALL MOTION CONTROLS, including kinnect.

but fact is, ps move is very similar to the wii, and kinnect is unique and different. The ps move is FAR more similar to the wii, then kinnect is like the eyetoy.

Eyetoy is not, and never was relevant anyways, so even if it was the exact same thing people would not associate kinnect with PSeye, like they do move with wii.

you should change your name to DJ butthurt, because your crying about a plastic thing that others like.

fact is the ps eye is a webcam, kinnect is not.

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FrankDrebin3834d ago

Congrats DIRTYHAIRYJOYSTICK, you win the award for dumbest comment of the day!

Know what that means, you are a winner. For the first time in your life, you have won! I bet that feels know....for you.

Rocket Sauce3834d ago

All I'm reading here is ":( :( :( :("

poopface13834d ago

I just watched that episode on tv a few minuets ago.

N4Great3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

No games + big marketing = us sheeps running to the stores.

nothing extraordinary here, but in few months, kinect eye toy will collecting dust, and even the most dumb fanboy 'll realise that only sony is giving variety and quality on more exclusives + all others great free functionalities for the best hardware.

don't worry. :)

"Microsoft net income 2010 = $18.760 billion
Sony net income 2010 = −$437 million "

yeah, selling "mandatory" pc software only for one, and inovations for the second.

RIDICULOUS, it's not the game division you are talking about ! sony is domination like always (with nintendo).

Stupid statements collection :

"Most of the best PS3 games are games that are played by yourself."

LOL, it's the same kind of misinformed dumb thing then "bubub multiplatform run better bubu" (in dream world), ps3 has the same multis "community" + more great exclusives with online (free) games, so it's dumb to belive that online and community are for 360.

""Yes we dont know what AAA games are... Again what was the last AAA game u played ?? Oh God of War 3 in March true. ""

WOw life is easy when you choose to ignore the reality :)

fact is : since 2008 quality and number are for ps3 exclusives, and each year, it's even more, don't ignore the sad truth for you, even if it's hard to accept after years of trolls and lies. (and check meta scores/lists)

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Zir03834d ago

Kinect looks like its seriously dominating in the US.

number473834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I mean... come on folks.. microsoft will never be #1 like sony was, or like nintendo is. They measure their success in months...

That they pay half a billion dollars to buy.

They'd be dominating, if it was on an equal playing field.. ie.. minus half a billion and squashing reviews/suing people with negative opinions etc..wouldn't they?

Simple question is why can't microsoft dominate like Nintendo & Sony have?

maniacmayhem3834d ago

Sony fans always cry, moan and wonder why Sony never markets or promotes any of their products but are the first to complain and criticize MS for doing what they wish Sony would.

MS haven’t been in the game industry long enough to dominate the way Nintendo and Sony has.

ct033834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

"I mean... come on folks.. microsoft will never be #1 like sony was... They measure their success in months..."

Microsoft net income 2010 = $18.760 billion
Sony net income 2010 = −$437 million

number473834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I don't care about promotion?? I swear to god you bots aren't even gamers at this point. And Microsoft had a Xbox1 remember? They canceled it? Remember. See the PS2. Its still out-selling the 360 had a head start.

Since i'm a gamer, I care about games & hardware quality. Which sony delivers on nonstop. Free online as well... What I laugh at, is the notion of Microsoft "dominating' with a 3 million hardware units sold lead ahead of sony -- and being a distant second place from nintendo. Which you can't refute. Its not dominating as far as any other generation has gone, but again, we have to redefine things for 360 owners. Dominating = second place? Just like multiple platform = exclusive.

I criticize Microsoft for abandoning the hardcore 360 owner -- which is exactly what Kinect is. Well much like everyone criticizes microsoft see the Apple vs Microsoft ad's, where they spend more $ on advertising than fixing their windows products. Or focusing on anything.

Sony's marketing works fine, seeing as how they completely evaporated Microsofts head start lead, with a more expensive console which had 'no games' wouldn't you say?

You latch onto promotion and sales, which is hilarious.. but Microsoft's #2 place is with 500 million of advertising wasted, where as sony & nintendo haven't needed to go that far with any of their #1 consoles in the history of gaming.

Microsofts sales produce:

2. Xbox Live fees raising in price.
3. Lost exclusive gaming
4. Not buying any gaming studios.

Still shocking to this day that bots celebrate MS's income, as if it does anything to benefit you.. besides pretending that instead of buying into this gen of gaming for core games, you're now going to pretend to play Dance central...

Sega did the same thing did they not? Every peripheral was going to change the world, yet it still was hunkered to an out-dated console.

Enjoy kinect, but don't try to pretend its better to be successful with MS's strategy vs nintendo & sony that did it and was #1 without it. MS can't do it based on the hardware quality/games alone. Which they will never do.

JokesOnYou3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

"All Xbox fans know is sales, but not AAA games/hardware quality/free online"

You supposedly don't care about sales, yet you're in a news article about Amazon sales.

You praise sony talking about AAA games, yet sony last big release was GoW3 back in March, 360's has had great games all year and recently Reach and Fable3 since that time.

You talk about hardware quality as if sony never released defective hardware, micro deserve all the bad press they got for their hardware defects, however at the end of the day consumers will forgive when theres #1 quality games(see ps2) and when the company #2 fixes/redesign the hardware to make it more reliable and #3 they certainly appreciate when a company compensates them by covering the repair costs.

You talk about online, of course nobody likes the online fee, although its easily affordable for me I still agree with those who think it should be free and I have supported petitions to microsoft in that regard however its a good service that is well worth the enjoyment I get out of it with friends so why do you care what people do with their own money?

You talk about exclusive games and owning studio's, yet there are more 360 games that sell better then ps3 games overall, and 360 after 4+ yrs of direct competition with ps3 still has MORE exclusives available and a bigger library of quality games as well. Lost exclusives mean nothing to real gamers, as long as I get to play quality games like ME2 day 1, micro has done well for their fanbase. If owning studio's was the ONLY way to be successful 360 wouldn't be enjoying high sales in hardware and software every month as it continues to do.

baodeus3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )


Hey, why don't u list the amount of AA and AAA games on PS3 and x360 for comparison (how many games, what genra including exclusives games, rating, popularity (sales), etc....). You can use metacritic site for that. I'm helping you out here man cause if you want to be credible, you'll need to back it up with at some sort of data right?

"See the PS2. Its still out-selling the 360 had a head start." What? Why are u comparing last gen with this gen console? At this rate, you might as well include PS1 into it.

"being a distant second place from nintendo. Which you can't refute. Its not dominating as far as any other generation has gone, but again, we have to redefine things for 360 owners. Dominating = second place?", True, but maybe the PS3 owners should also realize, PS3 isn't the dominating factor in gaming anymore since MS joined the game.

"I criticize Microsoft for abandoning the hardcore 360 owner -- which is exactly what Kinect is", i don't see any 360 owner complaining in here. And tell me one reason why developers would just totally abandon making core games for like +40 mil fanbase out there? Are u speaking for the entire 360 community when you yourself doesn't own one?

"Sony's marketing works fine, seeing as how they completely evaporated Microsofts head start lead, with a more expensive console which had 'no games' wouldn't you say?" You made a good point, but you also just stated the MAIN reason why Ps3 is still in 3rd place this gen (despite having blue-ray, best variety of exclusives, free online, etc.)

"but Microsoft's #2 place is with 500 million of advertising wasted, where as sony & nintendo haven't needed to go that far with any of their #1 consoles in the history of gaming." maybe Sony or Nintendo have never had such an formidable opponent before?

"besides pretending that instead of buying into this gen of gaming for core games, you're now going to pretend to play Dance central" wow, you just totally insult the entire pop culture with that one. Why dancing game aren't hard core (have you seen DDR competition? It is one of the most physical intense competitive games out there man)

"MS can't do it based on the hardware quality/games alone. Which they will never do." Then how do u explain why people keep buying it if it only have crappy paid online services, mediocre games, faulty hardware, doesn't have blue-ray, etc....? If people don't enjoy the games, they would have stop buying it right, but that isn't the case here.

"1. RROD
2. Xbox Live fees raising in price.
3. Lost exclusive gaming
4. Not buying any gaming studios."

1. Well that one is true and shame on MS, but at least they repair it for free, i didn't remember Sony did anything about PS2 problems?
2. Yeah i really hate that as well, but hey you gotta pay for those people that works on those things right? YOu know, these thing just doesn't pop out of nowhere. And yeah, Sony just also starting to realize that they need some sort of influx of income to improve on their services right?
3. Yup they lost quite a few exclusives, great so now everyone can enjoy great games. I don't see how that is a bad thing if you are a gamer? And yeah, i don't even want to list the amount of major exclusives lost on Sony end.
4. Maybe MS strategy isn't about monopolize *sarcasm* gaming as much as Sony buy buying up studios. They just want to have games on their system for their fanbase. Sony just want to keep all those games for themselves and dominate the gaming industry like PS1 and PS3 era.

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arragion3834d ago

I still think it will fail really bad,.. at that price point,..

especially if this shit keeps happening,..

Orionsangel3834d ago

In reality this means nothing. Obviously with the hype of the Kinect launch. It was going to sell and so were the games. Let's see in the next 6 months where Kinect is...

MajestieBeast3834d ago

The same place as the hd dvd toaster the bargain bin.

arragion3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

and about software,..
I heard that microsoft, will not let any shop buy kinect without an attach rate of 6 – 1, so they have to buy 6 copies of any title with each kinect they buy,.. So many had cut back the number, because they are afraid to have to much showelware,..
So initial numbers might be big in states,..

dude,.. source is my friend and I am not lying,.and I doubt he was,.

DiRtY3834d ago

That is BS and everybody with common sense knows it.

BTW: 6 games is a really low figure. I mean I can go to my local retailer and see like 20 consoles in store and about 300 games for this console.

Let's see if a Kinect game makes it into the top10 for the next NPD numbers

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