GND Review: Vanquish

Paul McFaden of GND writes: Vanquish is a game that is all about fast paced action and gorgeous vistas. With a decent soundtrack and enough of a story to keep you pushing towards the end, it is one hell of a ride. Don’t expect a prize winning story from the game but it will not hinder your experience. Think of Shadow of the Colossus, the game is built with gameplay in mind and Vanquish is in the same vein.

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SSIDEUP3802d ago

Honestly, I make the mistake of visiting this site again, only to be met with this shlock. I managed to get through about half of this review, before closing the window... which was enough for me to count about 25 grammatical errors.

Honestly, how in the Hell do sites like this pass as journalism? If I go to a REAL website, I find editorials, features and other written articles that are well written and don't lack when it comes to editing. More than likely, these are people who have chosen writing and/or journalism as a career and enjoy the act of putting words on paper (or on the net). It's half-ass sites like this that ruin it for everyone. These dime-a-dozen hackneyed "video game journalist" attempt to parlay with their readers in a pseudo-intelligent manner, only to be unveiled by their inability to use even basic punctuation, let alone a single coherent thought.

Honestly, I almost wish there was some kind of "internet complaint" department, because I'd report this site as being a complete and utter waste of time, extolling the virtues of gaming, but in a manner that only serves to make the reader a dumber person just for reading this drivel. It's sad, pathetic and I can only hope that sites such as this are brought to their knees...