CNN Review - "BioShock over Halo 3, Intense and one of year's best"

Microsoft Xbox 360 owners in search of an intense 3-D shooter need not wait for Halo 3. Instead, pick up a copy of "BioShock" from 2K Games for an exhilarating adventure that breaks new ground in interactive storytelling and digital art design.

The game begins with a plane crash in the North Atlantic. You're a survivor, and must swim your way through flaming debris to the shore, where a lighthouse stands. Inside, an elevator takes you on a one-way ride down into a hidden underwater city, Rapture, that has been torn apart by civil war. This once idyllic society that served as a secret refuge for the world's elite is now dominated by biologically mutated citizens, robotic enforcers and little girls who steal life-giving fluid from the dead.

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iceice1234070d ago

But they have yet to even touch Halo 3...

cloud3604070d ago

Thought at let u know. CNN own Microsoft. or was it the other way round

eh... who cares

ironwolf4070d ago

CNN is a part of the Time/Warner group. Microsoft is a part owner of NBC. Thats why its called MSNBC. If Ted Turner were dead, he would be rolling in his grave.

As it is, he's probably looking for you with a buffalo rifle.

TriggerHappy4070d ago

CNN reviews games now ? whoa!!

ParaDise_LosT4070d ago

Why not buy both......btw...
CNN reviews games? O_o

BenzMoney4070d ago

But there's no way in hell its a replacement for Halo 3. No other game could fill those shoes. Especially since H3's bread and butter is multiplayer, something that Bioshock is missing altogether.

toughNAME4070d ago

Bioshock is a great game

but based on Longevity alone...Halo destroys

ot knockin Bioshock...Halo 3 destroys ALL games

The Chief of Mjolnir4070d ago

Can´t we just stop this "Bioshock vs Halo 3" thing?

They´re on the same console. So we can enjoy them both.

The Chief (me) has left the page...

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