TimeShift - Demo Gameplay

See how to rewind and stop time to your advantage, even steal enemy guns from their frozen bodies.

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Dlacy13g4070d ago

Not 100% sold on it though. Felt very, very linear...especially when inside buildings. Doors open automatically showing you the way...would have prefered a little more open ended....just a target to reach and be able to go about it however you want.

Anyway, graphically it was solid. Not amazing but solid. I am thinkin this will be a weekend rent at this point. Now...multiplayer could be crazy fun if they implement it right.

We shall see....

picker3324070d ago

Look's like little bit like fear...But that's ok.
But i think haze is gonna be better.(My opinion)

felidae4070d ago

better than i thought.

played the demo twice and the more you learn to master the timeshift function the funnier it gets.

death animations look top notch - even Killzone like.

nice nice.

ShiftyLookingCow4070d ago

I loved blowing enemies to bits, I wonder what Jack Thompson has to say. Something about the game feels unnatural, and the level design feels unpolished and rough. Makes sense as its only about 500 mb. I think its totally worth a rental.

Bazookajoe_834070d ago

Was he in god mode? Ill maybe get this one used for a small buck..

Marceles4070d ago

I didn't really like it that much. Maybe it was because I didn't master what each timeshift function was used for, but as a straight shooter I really couldn't get into it. Especially After playing Bioshock and Metroid, this game just seemed lame. I like how you can steal the weapons when you freeze time and when time comes back, the guy says "Ah my weapon is gone! He appeared right in front of me!". The sound is also very good, but I can see it getting boring for me in 30 mins to an hour.

ShiftyLookingCow4070d ago

unless there is an interesting story which is doubtful.

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