360 Messenger Kit, Halo 3 Accessories Hit Next Week

The Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers and Headset and the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit both hit on Sept. 4, Microsoft announced today.

The wireless controllers, which feature Covenant Brute and Master Chief art by Todd McFarlane, sell for $60 a pop. The Spartan green and gold wireless headset also sells for $60.

The Xbox 360 Messenger Kit includes a backlit Chatpad that pops on to the bottom of your controller and a special headset that attaches to it. The two sell for $30, which seems like a pretty great price to me.

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Zhuk4157d ago

GREAT news :) lets hope its australia too, i need the controller, headset and chatpad :p

Geewhizz4157d ago

what about the halo3 underpants, duvet set, breakfast bowl, and hairbrush. Also not sure if I am interested unless I can dress my dog in my official halo3 master chief pet costume

Boink4157d ago

people will buy it.

I would, but I doubt wifey would let me:(

mighty_douche4157d ago

M$'s cash cow, they'll stick the master chiefs face (helmet) on anything if they think they can make a quick buck, i suppose with all the money the 360 has lost them let alone having to fork out money for other games and promoting HD_DVD you cant blame them, especially now bill aint the richest man anymore, times have gotta be hard huh.

Geewhizz.... your comment cracked me up mate!!

Double-Edged4157d ago

Why wouldnt anyone take advantage?
only stupid douches will stay away from Halo3

AllroundGamer4156d ago

"only stupid douches will stay away from Halo3" - the best example of a fanboys sick mind. Ignore on!

Double-Edged4156d ago

i'm sorry if my comment offended you and made you pop a vein.

read the original comment.. and then my reply..
you'll see why I said that.
If your in buisness close with bunjie, why would you stay away from Halo3???

Is that better?? ignore?? go ahead.. whatever makes you feel happy. =)

Tempo4156d ago

will take 'em up on the chat pad offer need a new headset anyway.

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