American Sales: BioShock 400k, PS3 43k, 360 64k, Wii 101k

With a 400k debut, Bioshock has a pretty legitimate shot at 1,000,000 units long term. For a sense of scale though - even in week two Madden (across all platforms) - outsold the game.

With the Americas data now in, it is time for the weekly look at Vgchartz sales data. For the week ending August 25, Xbox 360 saw the release of a key release - Bioshock. Additionally, numbers for Madden NFL 2008 in week two across all platforms were quite similar to the debut of Bioshock. That said, it is important to note that Xbox 360 hardware did not see a boost. For more on the current generation hardware sales (PS3,Wii, 360, DS, PSP) as compared to last week, check the chart.

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TriggerHappy5758d ago

360 sales went up to only 64K ? But in terms of sales, Bioshock did not fail to impress, it just failed to move more X360 consoles than expected. Hope the coming weeks is good

MK_Red5758d ago

True. I was expecting 360 to sell a lot more with BioShock and Price-cut combined. The same goes for PS3 since I was expecting higher sales. Both 360 and PS3 sales decreased and the only actual rise was for Wii. Something tells me that Boogie had nothing to do with this. It's funny how PS3 and 360 release new and superb exclusives and lower their price to increase sales only to be defeated by the cheap Wii that does almost nothing and it's sales increase automatically.

TriggerHappy5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

I thought this was the push the 360 needed to go back to selling a decent amount of consoles this month, but 64k is not bad considering a lot of people that like fps most likely already have a 360 and not a whole lot of people would buy a new console just for BioShock, myself included.

I heard the game is fun and looks great, but is not Halo or FF series or MGS, you gotta have a solid fan base to move consoles.

daomay5758d ago

I just got back from thailand....

They were saling da wii games for less then a $1 a title...

the wii with mod chip in it were almost the same price as the one at retail....

I almost got myself one...but I think Im just too old for the wii...

JsonHenry5758d ago

Why would anyone BUY a single player only game for a console? I rented the damn thing and loved it. But nothing about it made me want to spend $60 on it.

I can understand PC owners buying it because you can't rent the game on PC, but that seems like a lot of sales for a single player only game. (even if it is one of the best ever made)

PS360WII5758d ago

JsonHenry -

People still very much like the single player only games. Mulitplayer games are not the end all be all of gaming.

rukusa5758d ago

I agree. I thought Bioshock would make the x360 boom in terms of sales.

The PS3 is still holding up pretty nicely though.

witchking5758d ago

BioShock is a fantastic game, and it's going to sell well. The problem is, it's going to sell well to hardcore gamers who have a 360 or PC, and those hardcore gamers who want BioShock already have a 360.

This is not a mainstream game. It's rated M, first of all, so all the teenagers who want to play it have to wait until mom lets them. That seriously cuts into the potential audience.

BioShock is going to sell well, among EXISTING 360 owners... and some folks who pick up a 360 to play Halo 3.

Let's face it: MSFT's entire holiday is based on M games: Halo 3, Mass Effect, BioShock. Halo 3 will sell systems. Period. But a lot of the audience is going to miss out on this based on the ratings and the fact that the ESRB is doing a better job keeping M games out of kids's hands.

If MSFT wants to win in this generation, they need a Halo caliber franchise in the T space.

Phlapp5757d ago (Edited 5757d ago )

Where are your 'Bioshock is a failure' idiotic comments now then?

Quote Larry 007

'BIOSHOCK is selling NOWHERE except AMAZON
i knew this coming
Poor 2k games.
BIOSHOCK is a massive FLOP

Quote Larry007
'an FPS without online isnt acceptable
NOT to mention that it is selling BAD all over the world except AMAZON

What an @sshole!

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MK_Red5758d ago

Awesome news, BioShock FTW! Finally a non-sequel non-yearly-EA-sports non-Wii-Sports game has strong sales. A good new IP that deserves this.

I hope it stays there and outsells those crappy EA games and those old Wii games. It's more than stupid that those year old Wii games (Sports/Play) are up there while games from last month are almost gone.

I'm more than glad to see BioShock sell 400k. I was hoping for 500k but still this is great news.

ReBurn5758d ago

I'm glad to see a new IP rack up some decent sales, and a single-player game doing it just means that there's still a market for the solo mission.

I think that developers have been cheaping out on single player far too often. I don't always want to have to hunt down other people to play with to make a game fun.

PS360WII5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

^^ I'm one of the 400k whoo hoo I'm a statistic! The way 360 sells games they don't need to sell even one more console and they'd still make crazy software sales.
Wii sold 101k! Plus Wii Play over the 2 million marker. EA doesn't know how to make a Wii game yet but lets face it they are starting to forget how to make games for the 360 and PS3 as well.

jcgamer5758d ago

the way 360 software sells, you would think there were 10 million plus consoles sold in North America...this is a brand spankin new game...and it's selling like a successful sequel to an established franchise...very impressive...

power0919995758d ago

I am always happy to see a game that people put honest, hard work into succeed.

Grats to them!

G_CodeMonkey5758d ago

Piracy sucks. Buy or rent the stupid game already, or play the demo. MHO. gCM

AliC5758d ago

To be honest most people who want a Xbox 360 already have one in their homes, of which many of those owners will have snapped up this game.

ReBurn5758d ago

I think that there is still a ton of room in the market for the new consoles. There are people that have different psychological price points, so when the prices drop to those levels you'll see more consoles moving. $350 is still a lot of cash to pay just to play games.

Once the Premium 360 moves below $300 I think you'll see the adoption rate go up. Same for the PS3.