Hackers Taunt Treyarch With 15th Prestige Lobby

TTG: Well guys, if your watching this... You are probably ****ting bricks, or at least Treyarch and JD2020 will be. Thanks to a very skilled, anonymous, ’Special Friend’ from XboxMB+TTG what you are watching has officially happened, a 15th prestige, level 50, challenge lobby. This game isn't suppose to be hackable? Well this is the full game, hacked and modded 3 days before release. Maybe Treyarch shouldn't talk mad **** before the game is released.

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big_silky2904d ago

thats what happens when you don't have a bleeping beta.

Nitrowolf22903d ago

i don't think it would have matter, i am betting they are using JTAGS, which i don't think a beta would help stop that. Question is, considering i saw the carepackage glitch, did they fix the PS3 version of gamesave?

Red_Orange_Juice2903d ago

removed but it's youtube, just search for another one

Dark_Overlord2903d ago

Never say something is unhackable, it only gives hackers more of an incentive to do it, and they will do it eventually :D

Rich16312903d ago

I was naive for believing in Treyarch...

Eiffel2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Lol Activision took the video down, that was quick.

ASSASSYN 36o2903d ago

Lol I am so glad I didn't buy this game.

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