Midway Delivers Unprecedented Marketing Campaign for Stranglehold

Midway Games Inc. a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer today announced it's multi-million dollar, global marketing campaign for the highly anticipated and award-winning Stranglehold, expected to release in North America for the Xbox 360 on September 5. The PC and PlayStation 3 versions will follow on September 18 and September 25, respectively.

Stranglehold's marketing campaign, Midway's most robust campaign ever, is anchored by the pioneering integrated Fox Interactive Media campaign which includes the True to John Woo Short Film Contest, and the special, limited collector's edition on the PlayStation 3 that features the game and a full-length version of John Woo's critically acclaimed action film "Hard Boiled" together on the same high-capacity PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray disc.

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alexander22rednaxela4065d ago

It sounds like Stranglehold is one of those games many gamers plans to buy this fall anyway, every game needs marketing though I don`t think this game really needs it THIS much, and it`s not an already established franchise like Halo. :o

mighty_douche4065d ago

bit of a waste of cash if you ask me! wondor if they'll show many of the identical twins you'll be killing through out the entire game, its always a bit crap when you can tell a mini boss or whatever just cos he/she looks different from everyone else!

Zhuk4065d ago

i'm a big Chow Yun Fat fan :p i'll have to buy