Haze now Fully PS3 Exclusive, 360 & PC Dropped

Ubisoft has told GameSpot that First Radical's sci-fi first-person shooter Haze is now being planned solely for Sony's PlayStation 3 platform.

The Web sites of Free Radical, the Official Haze site, and Ubisoft site, all now only list the PS3 version of the game.

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TriggerHappy4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Cant say I did not see this coming, it was a rumor before but has been confirmed now. The developers working on the game had also been leaving hints confirming that the game is a PS3 exclusive.

Now the second questions, UT3 ? seeing as how well this game is running on the PS3..could it be ?

Well guys have fun flaming each outta here.

I did, if you had read the previews and all the news including the developers video in which the lead dev confirmed it as a PS3 exclusive. All read reviews also mention the PS3 and spoke very little of PC version with ABSOLUTELY NO details on the where abouts of the 360 version.

TnS4069d ago

Well, I didn't see this coming. :)

MK_Red4069d ago

I'm with TnS on this one. The game was shown on 360 once during E3 if I'm not mistaken and 360 / PC logos were in the game site.

About UT3, I'm sure OXM or something previewed the game and had hands-on the 360 demo. Midway and Epic won't go PS3 exclusive with such a high profile FPS.

TriggerHappy4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Any where I can read the UT3 started on the PC ? Just curious.

ktchong4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Unreal Tournament began on PC, therefore it would stay on PC.

Most importantly, the PS3 versions cannot create mods. Mods have to be created on the PC version and be ported over to PS3.

PC and Xbox 360 share similar architecture and codes, so if it's on PC, it could be easily ported over to 360.

And it's extremely unlikely that EPIC would piss off Microsoft by dropping UT3 for 360 and PC.

ShiftyLookingCow4069d ago

oh oh dont even think Epic would ever consider dropping UT on PC, maybe 360. UT has always been part of PC and believe it or not thats where Epic's top priority will be, as it will be selling on PC for a long long time.

TriggerHappy4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Well games on PC and 360 are referred to as 360 exclusives, so having the game on PS3 and PC would mean is an exclusive to PS3 owners, no ?

ShiftyLookingCow4069d ago

yeah it will be a console exclusive on PS3

FreeMonk4068d ago

that this is one exclusive on the PS3 that fails to disappoint, and finally make me buy my PS3.

I was waiting for Lair and Heavenly Sword to arrive before buying my PS3, but with the slating reviews that Lair has got, and the average reviews that Heavenly Sword has got, I'm back on the fence with the PS3.

I will eventually buy one, and I hope that now Haze is an exclusive to the PS3, that this will change my mind and make me go out and by a PS3.

Let's hope the PS3 exclusive titles change, and we finally get a game that's worthy of being an exclusive like Bioshock, Halo and Gears of War are to the X360.

Lifendz4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

is Epic to announce that UT3 is exclusive.

Edit: Who is the person that goes around disagreeing with anything said by a PS3 fan?

masterg4068d ago

Awesome news.
This probably mean they will get Time Splitters out that much sooner.

TheSadTruth4068d ago

some of what you people say is ridiculous, as if you just speak out of your ass

considering unreal tournament has always been a pc game and is developed primarily for the PC I can't imagine why they would ever want to drop the two platforms that earn them the most money for the platform that will earn them the least??

I mean, do you think at all before you post?

Haze developers obviously worked worked on the PS3 version first and realized it would be too much of a pain to port to the other version I'm assuming, because they obviously don't seem to care about money too much.

joevfx4068d ago

thye wont drop UT from PC. Epic has however stated that they dropped PC for UT as the head developing platform. the new UT was mainily developed for the PS3 this time around, not PC first.

nasim4068d ago

2 super BIG FPS for ps3 exclusive to it this time

i will be busy though playing LAIR,WARHAWK and HEAVENLY SWORD before those releases

Crazyglues4068d ago

Call me crazy but I always believed this game would be PS3 exclusive, just because of the way the teams over at Ubisoft are working, which is if you didn't start out designing the game for both systems like (Splinter Cell Conviction) then forget about porting it, because port's suck.

It just seems like a decision someone over at the company made. since bringing the other console up to speed would just require way too much, and most likely produce a weaker product. -example Rainbow six: Vegas on PS3. -a port from 360 which came out worst then the 360 version.

So Porting HAZE over to 360 would probably be just as bad and would result in another version that would be weak and hurt the companies gaming image.

(I just feel Ubisoft finally gets it, it's not like the old days, you can't just port games anymore the systems are too advance and need to be designed from the ground up with each console in mind. -example Assassins Creed.

So it's no surprise to me this became a PS3 exclusive, because it was clearly designed with the PS3 as it's main console.

Will the game be any good, looks like yeah it will be good but great, No! Why do I say that. Well I think I have seen something other gamers may have not really be looking at.

For one, Gears of War it's not, their seems to be no big monster to take on, (always big in gaming) It also seems to focus too much on Nector. Something I feel the designers used as an excuse for not working on anything really amazing and breathtaking. -I mean you call out the biggest game in gaming Halo 3 and then you have nothing really spectacular to show us.

Now that's just crazy, I believe it's because their is nothing really crazy in the game, another FPS from beginning to end. I feel the game will do Ok, and that's it, I would even go as far as saying it may just disappoint. (that wouldn't surprise me at all)

Marona4068d ago

I'd take it this is Ubisoft's first PS3 Exclusive? I guess the german rumor I posted awhile back was true but the Pc too?

Delive4068d ago

Any FPS thinking of coming out on the 360 in HALO season (usually 1.5 years after it's release) would have to have balls or be REALLY good.

heroman7114068d ago

dude ut3 cant go exclusive. microsoft and sony both have a deal with epic. i dont think epic would want 360 ( the console that sold gears )to be left out

s8anicslayer4068d ago

isn't it free radical,but good news for sony

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X_GAMER_X4069d ago

Now Im glad.
Lets see how this is gonna stand against Halo 3 :)
never like it, never will.
Copy cat..bring it on

LeonSKennedy4Life4068d ago

Gameplay-wise, UTIII will DESTROY Halo 3.

You really can't compete with Unreal Tournament's multi-player. While it doesn't have Halo's's definitely the better game. Of have Haze to worry about now too. haha...

MoonDust4068d ago

Anything you say can't be taken seriously.

Wii60_FTW4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I have to agree, you are the biggest dipshit on here. for your information, halo 3 will "DESTROY" everything in sales AND in gameplay, fanboy, regardless of your worthless, uninformed opinion.

Yeah, and we're all really scared that Haze is going to be better than Halo. Oh yeah, not.

gEnKiE4068d ago

I could care less for halo. compared to ut3, halo is a pos. with this now exclusive, we can have to great shooters coming out before christmas. :]

MoonDust4068d ago

"Couldn't care less", not "could care less". Retard.

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Vip3r4069d ago

This going PS3 exclusive could really help the console sell more. I'll certainly be getting it.

sonarus4069d ago

unless its better than halo, i really don't see that happening.

Armyless4069d ago

Is it because both names have 4-letters and start with "H"?

ShiftyLookingCow4068d ago

Haze devs started the comparison

MrSwede4068d ago

Thank you Armyless now let´s stop that comparison

Infernus4068d ago

The devs never started the comparison, reporters did. The devs never mentioned Halo 3 in an article and never compared Haze to it either. The article on here weeks back made it look like the devs started it but they didn't.

The questions and comparisions were made by the guys asking the questions, not those answering them.

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MK_Red4069d ago

It's strange. First they say it's PS3 exclusive, then say it's also coming to 360 and PC while PS3 is the lead platform. Then they say it's timed but Ubisoft's first release date schedule lists all 3 version for release on 2007. Then they say that in 2007, only PS3 version comes and they say PC & 360 versions are no more.

Quite a story and certainly a hype helper.

TnS4069d ago

It is even more interesting if you add this:
A spokesperson said, "The official statement on PC and Xbox 360 is that these platforms are not confirmed."

MK_Red4069d ago

Good one. It is becoming more obvious that the whole thing is a big marketing ploy and in the end, all gamers will be Hazy.

sak5004068d ago

THey were not sure whether sony would pay them up or not for exclusivity. Now i guess sony's paid them to make it ps3 only. Well no worries as some of you fonygirls used to say 360 is all fps so go on enjoy an fps on your system while we enjoy H3, Bioshock, Mass effect etc.

tplarkin74068d ago

AC was "not confirmed" for other platforms, but eventually became a multi-platform game. This appears to be the same language. It's a smart move to drum-up interest in the game for PS3 owners. The reality is that the 360 market is too big to ignore. It is coming to 360 after the dust settles with Halo 3.

beans4068d ago

Good observation and very true! I don't think anybody should start claiming it's an exclusive just yet! It seems as if everybody is quick to jump the gun and just start saying whatever! Hopefully it's exclusive but I'm just saying people should stop acting so desperate for good news!

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sonarus4069d ago

lol. am glad halo drops before haze. i will have a chance to try them both. halo will probably be better but i like the nectar gameplay in haze. glad i have ps3 and 360 so i can try both:D. it still not a 100% confirmed it wnt hit 360 unless the dev team found somethings they couldnt do on another platform, am still guessing it will end up on the 360

MK_Red4069d ago

Having both systems is indeed a bliss. BioShock, Heavenly Sword, Halo 3, Haze, Uncharted, Mass Effect... it's a gaming paradise :)
Not to mention all the multiplatform and Wii titles.

alexander22rednaxela4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

From what I have seen of the game and how the developers have described it, it seems like they want some PR and marketing lovin` from Sony.

Nectar juice anyone? ;)

Having multiple consoles was a must for me in this gen, I was a bit jelaous when I heard positive things about the competition in the previous system war.

SofaKingReetodded4068d ago

will get PC versions of these games I would probably buy a 360 again.

maybe when the new falcon hardware is out and has a proven track record.