Interview with Sony Europe Founder, Chris Deering

Chris Deering was founder and CEO of the London-based Sony PlayStation Division for EMEA and Australasia from 1995 through 2005, when he retired from Sony. Fondly referred to by many in the industry as the 'father of the European PlayStation' – a moniker that Chris tends to wince with a slight embarrassment at, when reminded. For a man that's achieved what he has in the games industry, his disarming modesty is one of his greatest charms.

It's fair to say that modern videogaming culture in Europe would be a drastically different, lesser beast were it not for the major contributions Deering made at SCEE. PlayStation Europe now claims the highest cumulative installed based of PlayStation consoles in the world, and its local first party studios have created, amongst many others, the hugely popular EyeToy and SingStar franchises.

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