Exclusive: Wii-mote Prototype Designer Speaks Out, Shares Sketchbook

Yesterday you saw the first prototype pre-Wii motion-sensitive controller that Gyration pitched to Nintendo in 2001. Today, Gizmodo received a note from Matt Presta at Bridge Design, who drafted the original concept. He explains his mission, shares a peek at the actual drawing board, and gives a shoutout to left-handed people everywhere.

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GameClearer4069d ago

Maybe they can sell the ideas to sony since they have not had one good thing in ages

Infernus4068d ago

The actual Wiimote lags and isn't entirely accurate. If you've not seen epilepticgaming I recommend checking out the Wii Bowling episode. They bowled strikes from another room without even being able to see the screen. So much for realism... Wiimote = all-great-controller? Nah I don't think so.

Funny you say that GameClearer. The Dualshock got MS all excited about including it for the Xbox after Sony incorporated it into their controller. Now Sony are bringing back the rumble, they have the best of everything. Motion sensitivity, rumble and wireless. Perfect.

unsunghero284068d ago

Huh? You mean to tell me that you couldn't imagine a full bowling lane without having a picture in front of you?

To be honest I'm not actually aware of the SIXAXIS's controls, all I know that the Wii does tilt functionality quite well. There's one WarioWare game with a ball rolling around and you need to get it in a hole... well, all i know is it works quite well.

And the Wii remote can do more things than just SIXAXIS; IR, accelerometer, and rumble. There's a reason that Lair is reviewed poorly for its controls while Metroid Prime 3 is praised tremendously.

ShadoWulf4068d ago

Let's try not to flame, now.

And, for the record, I'm left-handed and I'm glad they're supporting left-handed rights! I actually play the Wii just like a right-handed person... but who cares :P