World's First Complete Black Ops Review

This is the game everyone’s been waiting for. It’s a gigantic release and because of that it deserves a review from a gigantic Call Of Duty fanatic, not some videogame journalist who will play through the campaign and then spend five hours in the online multiplayer before calling it a day.

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scar204978d ago ShowReplies(7)
Crake4978d ago

This is, to my knowledge, the only complete review available online and not pulled from some early copy of a magazine.

How is this possible?

How is someone like GamePro or EGM not before these guys?

lazysey4977d ago

As great as the review sounds, its being reviewed by a cod fan so it potentially could be a little more or less biased. Other than that fucking great review.

iagainsti1204977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

when have reviews ever not been biased?
Just saying have it be on a game or a i don't know headphones or computer hardware.

If You where to read an unbiased review it would be really boring like "The Speaker made sound" instead of "The Speakers sounded great in comparison to (fill in blank) Speaker"

nickjkl4977d ago

ill be back in a few months for a real review and not new car smell review

TEFL0N_D0N_814977d ago

Can't believe it... I told myself over and over that I'm not gonna get this one... I'll be picking mine up tomorrow.

SeanRL4977d ago

Well unlike you, I won't be supporting any of Acti's bullshit anymore, enjoy your $69.99 of garbage

PopCapGun4978d ago

What about the presidents in Zombie mode!? Is JFK weak to headshots? Does Nixon “Arrooooog!?” If Fidel Castro goes down can his brother Raoul step in?

Also: Is the campaign historically accurate? or does it fit into the modern warfare universe? or something in between?

RockmanII74978d ago

I heard that Price is in it, so I think it goes with the MW universe.

irepbtown4977d ago

and Gaz from cod4, (rumor).

Da_Evil_Monkey4977d ago

that Black OPs has nothing to do with any MW apart from the fact they use the same engine. Although I believe Reznov from W@W is in it.

Shackdaddy8364977d ago

Its actually using the WaW engine. I know it looks like the MW engine, but its not.

matt19914977d ago

W@W used the CoD4 Engine

Da_Evil_Monkey4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

All Call of Duties run on the same engine based on the id tech 3 engine; it's just modified with each game, for example W@W was made with the COD 4 engine just slightly altered, and then MW2 was made with a modified COD 4 Engine. COD:BO uses the W@W engine which as Marr1991 said, originally came from COD4. (technically COD 2 though)

WildWild4978d ago

they've already said the plot is a fictional story. great review otherwise