New Xbox 360 Controller: Big Leap Forward or Overpriced Hype? takes a look at the new transforming d-pad Xbox 360 controller

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multipayer3609d ago

I'm pretty sure it's overpriced, but how in the hell else am I supposed to beat these warpzone levels in super meat boy with the current dpad(which only made it slightly easier than the analog)

gigaware3609d ago

Cost exactly the same. Comes with a play and charge kit.

multipayer3609d ago

There is something wrong with the system dropping in price all these years, and the controller staying the same price with a little change just now.

Besides, I want my controller to lose the bulge in the back aswell, why force us to buy a play and charge kit, I want a less bulky and more efficient 360 controller. Give us those analog tension adjusters the razor onza has or just allow them to create a wireless controller. Then I'd feel like I'm getting my moneys worth.

3609d ago
ShinMaster3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Kinda bulky for me.
DualShocks fits best, even in my large hands.

Never had any complaints, even with all the other controllers from systems that came before the PS1 which were smaller.

OT: I don't think it's really overpriced. I just isn't a "big leap".

ElementX3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

I like the hefty feel of the 360 controller. It feels solid and durable. I like the grips and find them more comfortable than my DS3 controller, not to mention actual triggers instead of bumper things that get pressed when you set the controller down.

spiceonpsn3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

how in the world did you manage to press L2 R2 when putting the DS3 controller down ? I have a ps3 for 2 years and the "bumper things" work just fine..I'm just putting that out there....

vhero3609d ago

I think MS have done well this gen with controllers almost matching the dominance that is the Dualshock by Sony. Some may say it's better but the majority will still prefer DS as it really is THE perfect pad. But like I said MS have done really well this gen and whats wrong with making it a little better?? Even if it is just an another money making scheme by adding something that should have been there from the start (like wii-motion plus!)

shoddy3609d ago

how can it be a leap forward?

Karum3609d ago

This article is about the new 360 wireless controller with the updated D-Pad.

It is not about Kinect.

Taking a bubble for you just being either completely dumb, a troll or both.

SkylineR3609d ago

All of the above.

shoddy reads headline - "ooh, time to bash "Kinetic".

Terror_B3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Greatest controller ever made.

Sony should take a leaf of of EVERY OTHER COMPANIES book and evolve their controller, but we all know what the PS3 horde is like, they can never change, even for the better, they probably wouldnt welcome a change in design even of it improved it for them.

Karum3609d ago

There's nothing wrong with the Dualshock controller.

The majority of 3rd party control pads that are even made for PC copy the design as it's that good. It's an iconic design which has been copied for good reason.

Yes, there's some room for improvement of course, like triggers in place of the R2/L2 buttons as that is one aspect of the 360 controller which is awesome.

The 360 controller is also very very comfortable, but so is the DS

dragunrising3609d ago

I think the controller is a little pricey for those of us with no need for a play and charge kit. It would be nice if it was available as a stand alone. The only reason why they are bundling the controller is for those early adopters and the fact that it might be a limited run controller. These days, I only buy controllers (for any console) when they are on sale. Controllers this gen haven't dropped in price; its a tad bit disapointing.

Karum3609d ago

Yeah it would be nice to have as a standalone, honestly wouldn't replace my current 360 controller though....just don't have the need to.

If I needed to buy another additional controller though.....maybe.

Solid_Snakeps33609d ago

DualShock 3: Sixaxis, built in battery, rumbles, comfortable.=55 euros
Xbox piece of shit controler= 65 euros.

siyrobbo3609d ago

built in batteries are ok until they start to lose their charge

xAlmostPro3609d ago

I love the looks of it, but its not a big leap forward.. its kinda of dumb actually..

Removing the coloured buttons is/was just silly, i mean im pretty sure alot of xbox users are now familiar with the colours, and now in games what a grey button will appear? who knows.. The looks are better and so is the twisty d-pad thing but i belive this would have been better if this was the original..

And since everyone else is mentioning other controllers etc. Im with the DS3, im not gonna use big or small hands as an arguement because its dumb.. i have small hands but i can play on 360 fine, its just more filled out in between and at the backs..

But yeah its just my personal preference, im not keen on the 360 analogs andthe placement of them i prefer them side to side it just feels more natural. But i do prefer the texture of the 360 pad, and the R2/L2 on the DS3 are far to 'slippy' & sensitive, but i have the extra grips for those buttons.

limewax3609d ago

Definately overpriced because this should been finished and bundled with the 360 slims.....Mine of which had a dodgy analog stick out of the box

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awiseman3609d ago

They remoeved averything that made the xbox controller iconic. At least the analog stix r still in the same place. -_- My review 1/5 and im sure most toehr xbox gamers would agree with me. And the d-pad wasnt even that much of an improvement. Its not like xbox players use it anyways...all we play is gears call of duty ans halo.. and the d-pad only needes for noob tubing :P

militant073609d ago

i thought its the same expect the d-pad update which you can still make it as old one.

Troll_Police3609d ago

So if I want this controller I have to pay $65?! No thanks!

OmarsAccount3609d ago

Its the exact same rate as the existing Xbox controller. It comes with a play and charge kit at the same price as the controller + playandcharge kit was before.
I mean, I guess MS only releasing it bundled with a play and charge kit is questionable, but the product itself is the same price.

Relice3609d ago

play&charge kit sucks =\ i want my money back

vhero3609d ago

Thats the thing ya see it's all about money no built in battery means lower development costs then if they push the charge kit on you with this it's win-win... For MS anyway.. Maybe for once they should stop thinking about products on a cash level and think about the fans and the cash will flow ask Sony it's there way and that's why even though they got off to a slow start they are starting to dominate once again around the world.

Newtype3609d ago

Wow, still no built in battery.

cmrbe3609d ago

But your are the controller....oh wait.

AllroundGamer3609d ago

if you are the controller, then you have to stick those batteries in your... ;)

HornyHaggis3609d ago

it's really not much of a big deal, plug and play charge kit has lasted me for 3 and a good bit years and I haven't even needed to replace it, all costing me in total.. £12

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